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Brem Stoker. 6 albums in mp3 format.

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Brem Stoker. 6 albums in mp3 format.
The group "Bram Stocker" originates from Rivne and in this city, judging by everything, they love active music. At least, at present there are already a number of local groups that play various variants of heavy rock-and-roll. And they play, usually, not bad and "Bram Stocker" is no exception. The boys know how to win awards at festivals though they do not like it. But they do like performances and direct communication presumably, that is why texts of their songs are also specific for their straightforwardness and spontaneity. Simplicity and humor have even stakes here and, as usual, the guys do not need to search long for simple words. Connected with rhythmic, quite hard (but not too heavy) music, all that has an interesting and energetic taste. There is also a bit of aggression but somehow not quite angry one. Consequently, there is nothing strange in that in music reviews they often refer to creativity by "Bram Stocker" as to ska-punk. However, there is also old rock-and-roll, and pure rock, and rockabilly 5 albums, there is enough space for experiments. But, regardless of the form, this is frisky music. You cannot sleep when it sounds at least, if you are not alone then.
Format: mp3, 320 kbps.
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Publisher: Mp3 records
Catalogue number: mp3 00594
Year: 2006

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Brem Stoker

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  Demo (1998-2003)
1. Mp3Tancjujte Baby
2.  Babuyn
3. Mp3Feelings
4.  Oral'na harmoza
5.  If You Want
6. Mp3Klychko
7. Mp3Kozaky
8.  Kohannja kvitka
9.  Nafih treba
10.  Hlopci vbyly nehra
11. Mp3Ptaha
12.  Rehi
13.  Crying in the Rain
14.  Sarah O'Conor
15.  Something Else
16.  Vorony
  Ne dala (2004)
17. Mp3Tak Prosto
18.  Sama Harna
19. Mp3La-la-la
20.  Ja lezhu pid kashtanom
21.  Jo!
22. Mp3Ne Plachu
23.  Ptaha
24. Mp3Pyva Hochesh?
25.  Tak Buvaje v Sviti
26.  Vorony
27.  Ja lezhu pid kashtanom (symphony)
  Rokenrol na cherepah (2005)
28.  Bisova Syla
29. Mp3Vidchuj enerhiju
30.  Nasha zhyzn'
31. Mp3Rokenrol na cherepah
32.  Synja paporot'
33.  Kombajneros
34. Mp3Mykola
35. Mp3Skromnjaha
36.  Razbudy vo mne zverja
37.  Sex, narkotyky, samohon
  Sol'nyk Olexija: Salo (2005)
38. Mp3Armija
39.  Bula b Baba
40.  Bumer
41. Mp3Del'taplan
42. Mp3More
43.  Salo
44.  Svit
45.  Ja Lechu
  Standart (2006)
46.  Zhyv da buv sobi Kozak
47. Mp3Why you don't get a job
48.  Ubangy Stomp
49. Mp3Truna
50.  Sur la place
51. Mp3La Isla Bonita
52.  Common Everybody
53.  Something Else
54. Mp3Chom ty ne pryjshov
55.  Kukarela
  "1-j Ukrajins'kyj rokabil'nyj front" (1997)
56.  Golden Rain
57.  Let

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Reviews (6)

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  Vladzjo , Fajne misto T )))
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Klasnen'kuj disk. I vopshe klasno hlopaku rybajyt', tak trumatu )))

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