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Kryvenka kachechka. Ukrainian Animation. Collection 2. (DVD). (Ugly Duck)

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Kryvenka kachechka. Ukrainian Animation. Collection 2. (DVD). (Ugly Duck)

Some of the cartoons represented on discs of this series in 2010 will already be 30, or even 40 year old! Some of them will simply inspire your memories about your childhood or youth while some you will even today want to consider as small masterpieces... In any case, this is living history. History of not only Ukrainian animation history of our people. For any fairy-tale is exactly the same as its narrator...

Video format - PAL.

DVD Region: ALL.

Publisher: Nash Format
Year: 2009

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1.  Kryvenka kachechka (A. Hrachova, 1992)
2.  Jak hoduvaly vedmezha (Je Pruzhanskyy, 1976)
3.  Nikudyshko (L. Zarubin, 1977)
4.  Divchynka ta zaytsi (A. Hrachova, 1985)
5.  Pro porosja, jake vmilo hraty v shashky (L. Zarubin, 1972)
6.  Nekmitlyvyy horobets (N. Vasylenko, 1970)
7.  Velyka podorozh (V. Kostyljeva, 1987)
8.  Kolosok (L. Zarubin, 1982)

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