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Ancient Music Ensemble of Kostjantin Chechenja. Music dialogues. Ukraine-France.

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Ancient Music Ensemble of Kostjantin Chechenja. Music dialogues. Ukraine-France.

Medieval France. Troubadours, "The Song about Roland", Yaroslav the Wises daughter Anna - the Queen of France, and so on. Theres much to recollect. At such a depth every name, every title is a legend. Even music. For example, the dialogue with Poland sounds rather like a chamber music, even a bit reserved one. But a certain epic nature is peculiar to the dialogue with France one may feel the taste of a legend in this music and even may touch it. It looks as if one touched a mirror and suddenly felt that he went through it. Hi, Alice, how are you? Nevertheless, we may see each other in the English mirror. Or may be not. After all, reflection is boundless, while our time is not.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Ethnodisc
Catalogue number: CD-025-03
Year: 2003

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Ancient Music Ensemble of Kostjantin Chechenja

Domestic price: 250.60UAH
International price: $17.90USD
1.  L'autrier par
music: Thibaut Von Navarra (1201-1253)
  La Musique Des Troubadours (XII-XIII)
2.  Can Lorossinhols El Fulhos
3.  Se Fut En Mai
4. Mp3Volez Vos Que
5. Mp3Un sirventesc
6. Mp3Dance
7.  Deux Medieval Danses
8.  Cessez Mez Yeulx
music: Thomas Crequillon (?-1557)
9. Mp3Brale De Champagne
10.  Deux Menuets
11.  Hajduc'schij Tanec' (z tbulatury1540 p.)
12.  Kozac'kij Tanec' (ztabulatury 1640 p.)
13.  Rozlylysja Vody
music: Vesnjanka
14.  Tvir 167 z rukopysnoji zbirky XVII stolittja
15.  Oj Dolom, Dolom. Zijdu Ja Na Horu
music: arr. V. Trutovs'koho
16.  Pisnja Pro Bondarivnu
17.  Zakljuchnyj tanec' z "Vertepu"
 Total playing time: 48:57

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