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Natalya Svyrydenko. Three Centuries of Baroque.

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Natalya Svyrydenko. Three Centuries of Baroque.
"It is well known that this capricious and so attractive present-day style has originated from the countries of Western Europe and Ukraine of the XVI-XVIII centuries. At all its similarity, every century and national school brings its characteristic features. On this disc there is music of the beginning of baroque, where an influence of the Renascence is felt, music of the period of baroque's prosperity and completed with works, where premonition of the classics is observed..." (information from the booklet of the release)

The release contains a 8-page booklet with brief information in Ukrainian and English about the pieces and composers, the instruments used, as well as about the performer.

Publisher: JRC
Catalogue number: JRC 05175-2
Year: 2005

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Natalya Svyrydenko

Domestic price: 348.60UAH
International price: $24.90USD
  - William Byrd:
1. Mp3The Flute and the Droome
  - Martin Peerson:
2.  The Primerose
3. Mp3The Fall of the Leaf
  - Henry Purcell. Suite ¹7:
4.  Almand
5. Mp3Corant
6.  Hornpipe
  - Girolamo Frescobaldi:
7. Mp3Toccata ¹9
  - Domenico Scarlatti:
8.  Sonata, K-380
9. Mp3Sonata, K-338
10.  Sonata, K-335
  - Jan Philip Ramo:
11. Mp3Gavotte
12.  La Poule
  - Karl Philip Emmanuel Bach:
13. Mp3Adagio fis-moll
14.  Allegro di molto f-moll
  - Georg Benda. Sonata be-dur:
15. Mp3Allegretto
16.  Larghetto
17. Mp3Allegro
  - Baltasare Galuppi:
18.  Variazioni
  - Dmytro Bortniansky:
19. Mp3Sonata F-dur
20.  Sonata be-dur
 Total playing time: 69:40

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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