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"Otava" group, Kiyv Kobza Guilds. Ya my hodymo prokhozhaemo. Zabuti pisni Kyivschyny. (Lost Songs of Kyiv Region)

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"Otava" group, Kiyv Kobza Guilds. Ya my hodymo prokhozhaemo. Zabuti pisni Kyivschyny. (Lost Songs of Kyiv Region)

To the best of my belief, every interested person will find some pleasant discoveries here. You know, it’s not a secret for anybody that long ago due to all kinds of perturbations of culture in Kyiv region it was not simply ruined, but practically destroyed – political centers always pay high price. Still today Ukrainian revival of basic cultural layers acquires bigger and bigger range. Fortunately, this process has not avoided Kyiv region, and it is twice pleasant that many young people have joined it. For them people’s memory presents not only physical, but also metaphysical acpect of life – you know, they are too young just to remember. On the other hand, as the discs of such kind show, these young people are deep enough to feel rightly. It is not surprising that from time to tome the knowledge imperceptible for others comes out to such people. It is not surprising that they manage to find and to reproduce (like in this particular case) the songs that might have disappeared forever. The only surprising thing is that we do not notice this usual wonder – inner fire.

Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: OBERIH XXI
Catalogue number: 076-Î-030-2
Year: 2005

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"Otava" group
Kiyv Kobza Guilds

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1.  Skinija izlataja Kovcheh Zavjeta
2. Mp3Ja my hodymo, prohozhajemo
3.  Prysvjatyj Vasylij pishov schedruvaty
4. Mp3"To St. Barbara"
5.  Vechirnjaja ziron'ka zazhyhajet'sja
6.  Ptychka nevelychka po polju litala
7.  "To Khrist on the Khross"
8.  Pochala na vesnu da j voskresaty
9.  Solovej, solovejko
10.  Ne kuj, zozule, j u dibrovi
11.  "To St. Georg"
12.  Oj, u luzi na dubochku
13.  Nema v sviti pravdy
14.  Scho ja v bat'ka ta j na jodhodi
15.  Posluhajte podruzhechky
16. Mp3Oj, hto p’je – tomu nalyvajte
17. Mp3Oj, z – za hory, da j z – za kruchi
18.  Da zabjeleni snjezhky, zabjeljeli bjely
19.  "About Shvachka and Bondarenko"
20.  Boh Sozdatjet' vs'omu Svjetu
21.  Isuse mij, preljubeznyj
 Total playing time: 72:45

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