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Nina Naydych. Son Marynky. (Marynka's Dream)

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Nina Naydych. Son Marynky. (Marynka's Dream)
"In her dream, a little girl finds herself in a fairy-tale country, and there she gets acquainted with musical instruments of the symphony orchestra."
The book contains the code with which you can download the edition's soundtrack. The text in the audio version is read by Yevhen Nyschuk.
In Ukrainian.
Illustrations: Maria Panchenko
Edition type: hard cover
Format: 220x220 mm
Number of pages: 21, illustrated
Publisher: CLASSICA, Kyiv

- Na repetytsiju u filarmoniji

- Pro shcho rozmovljaly Skrypky

- Shcho dratuje pana Hoboja?

- Haljavyna, de vidpochyvajut‘ Kontrabasy

- V hostjakh u Korolevy

- Navzdohin za Barabanchykom

- U khatyni lisnyka

- Kanifol‘ vid lisnyka

Publisher: CLASSICA
Catalogue number: ISBN 9789662522211
Year: 2018

Domestic price: 135.30UAH
International price: $12.30USD
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