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Carlos Castaneda. Vchennya dona Khuana. (The Teachings of Don Juan. A Yaqui Way of Knowledge)

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Carlos Castaneda. Vchennya dona Khuana. (The Teachings of Don Juan. A Yaqui Way of Knowledge)
"In 1960, a graduate student in anthropology at the University of California, Carlos Castaneda, visits Mexico for a research purpose – and accidentally he gets to know a shaman of the Yaqui tribe, Juan Matus. This book tells us about the first five years of Castaneda's discipleship with the mysterious American Indian, who introduced him to secrets of shamanism. The first part of the book comprises Castaneda's field diaries; the second one ("Structural analysis") is the author's attempt at systematizing the information received and making it into a research paper."
Translated from English by Anna-Maria Kravets
In Ukrainian
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 146x200 mm
Number of pages: 272
Publisher: Terra Incognita, Lviv

- Podjaky

- Yaryna Vynnytska. Planeta "Kastaneda"

- Komentar avtora

- Perednje slovo Waltera Goldshmidta


Chastyna 1: VChENNJa

- Rozdil 1.

- Rozdil 2.

- Rozdil 3.

- Rozdil 4.

- Rozdil 5.

- Rozdil 6.

- Rozdil 7.

- Rozdil 8.

- Rozdil 9.

- Rozdil 10.

- Rozdil 11.


- Robochyy porjadok

- Persha strukturna odynytsja. Ljudyna znannja

- Druha strukturna odynytsja. Ljudyna znannja mala sojuznyka

- Tretja strukturna odynytsja. Sojuznyk mav pravylo

- Chetverta strukturna odynytsja. Pravylo pidtverdzhuvalosja osoblyvym konsensusom

- Kontseptual‘nyy porjadok

- Rezjume

Dodatok A. Protses validatsiji osoblyvoho konsensusu

Dodatok B. Nacherk strukturnoho analizu

Publisher: Terra Incognita
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786177646104
Year: 2018

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Carlos Castaneda

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