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Eckhart Tolle. Nova Zemlya. Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. (A New Earth)

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Eckhart Tolle. Nova Zemlya. Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. (A New Earth)
"The second book of the most famous spiritual teacher of our time. Tolle vigorously call us to the moment Now – because only here one can experience life to the full. According to the author, happiness is just a skill that one can master if one learns to jump out of the stream of impersonal thoughts. In this way Tolle prepares us for the transition of the humanity to a new level of consciousness, where there will be no more suffering or pain, where everyone will live in harmony and joy in the New Earth."
Translated from English by Yaryna Vynnytska
In Ukrainian.
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 146x200 mm
Number of pages: 232

Publisher: Terra Incognita, Lviv

Chastyna 1. Rozkvit ljuds‘kokh svidomosti

- Probudzhennja \\ Meta tsijeji knyhy \\ Uspadkovanyy rozlad \\ Narodzhennja novoji svidomosti \\ Dukhovnist‘ i relihija \\ Transformuvatysja nehayno \\ Nove nebo i nova zemlja

Chastyna 2. Ego: potochnyy diahnoz ljudstva

- Iljuzorne "Ja" \\ Holos u holovi \\ Zmist i struktura ego \\ Ototozhnennja z rechamy \\ Zahublenyy persten‘ \\ Iljuzija vlasnosti \\ Pozhadannja: khochu shche \\ Ototozhnennja z tilom \\ Vidchuy vnutrishnje tilo \\ Buttja i zabuttja \\ Vid pomylky Dekarta do prozrinnja Sartra \\ Spokiy, shcho ponad usjakym rozumom

Chastyna 3. Jadro ego

- Narikannja y oburennja \\ Reaktyvnist‘ i oburennja \\ Pravda na mojemu botsi, vony pomyljajut‘sja \\ Na zakhyst iljuziji \\ Istyna: vidnosna chy absoljutna? \\ Ego ne je vashym \\ Viyna – tse mental‘na ustanovka \\ Budemo bytysja chy myrytysja? \\ Za mezhamy ego: vasha spravzhnja tozhsamist‘ \\ Usi konstruktsiji nestiyki \\ Ego khoche buty krashchym \\ Ego i slava

Chastyna 4. Masky ljuds‘kykh oblych: bahatolyke ego

- Zlodiy, zhertva, kokhanets‘ \\ Vidpustyty ujavlennja pro sebe \\ Napered vyznacheni roli \\ Tymchasovi roli \\ Monakh iz pitnymy dolonjamy \\ Shchastja jak rol‘ vs spravzhnje shchastja \\ Bat‘kivstvo: rol‘ chy funktsija? \\ Svidome strazhdannja \\ Svidome bat‘kivstvo \\ Vyznaty svoju dytynu \\ Vykynuty vsi roli na smitnyk \\ Patolohichne ego \\ Fonove neshchastja \\ Sekret shchastja \\ Patolohichni formy ego \\ Robota – z ego i bez n‘oho \\ Ego pid chas khvoroby \\ Kolektyvne ego \\ Nezaperechnyy dokaz na koryst‘ bezsmertja

Chastyna 5. Tilo bolju

- Narodzhennja emotsiy \\ Emotsiji i ego \\ Kachka z ljuds‘kym rozumom \\ Use mynule noshu z soboju \\ Indyvidual‘ne ta kolektyvne \\ Jak tilo bolju zhyvyt‘ sebe \\ Jak tilo bolju zhyvyt‘sja vashymy dumkamy \\ Jak tilo bolju zhyvyt‘sja dramoju \\ Shchil‘ni tila bolju \\ Rozvahy, media i tilo bolju \\ Kolektyvne zhinoche tilo bolju \\ Natsional‘ni y rasovi tila bolju

Chastyna 6. Vyrvatysja na svobodu

- Prysutnist‘ \\ Povernennja tila bolju \\ Tilo bolju ditey \\ Neshchastja \\ Rozirvaty ototozhnennja z tilom bolju \\ Trygery \\ Tilo bolju jak instrumenty probudzhennja \\ Zvil‘nytysja vid tila bolju

Chastyna 7. Diznatysja, khto vy

- Khto vy? \\ Bahatstvo \\ Znaty sebe i znaty pro sebe \\ Khaos i vyshchyy porjadok \\ Dobre y pohane \\ Khay dijet‘sja volja Bozha \\ On vono jak \\ Ego i teperishniy moment \\ Paradoks chasu \\ Usunuty chas \\ Son i snovydets‘ \\ Vyyty za ramky obmezhennja \\ Radist‘ Buttja \\ Dozvolyty ego staty slabshym \\ Shcho zovni, te y useredyni

Chastyna 8. Vidnakhodzhennja vnutrishn‘oho prostoru

- Ob'jektna y kosmichna svidomist‘ \\ Nyzhche y vyshche dumky \\ Telebachennja \\ Vyznaty vnutrishniy prostir \\ Vy chujete, jak dzjurchyt‘ hirs‘kyy strumok? \\ Pravyl‘na dija \\ Spryymaty, ne nazyvajuchy \\ Khto vidchuvaje? \\ Dykhannja \\ Zhubni zvychky \\ Usvidomlennja vnutrishn‘oho tila \\ Vnutrishniy i zovnishniy prostir \\ Jak pomityty prosvit \\ Zahubyty sebe, shchob znayty \\ Tysha

Chastyna 9. Vnutrishnja meta

- Probudzhennja \\ Dialoh pro vnutrishnju metu

Chastyna 10. Nova zemlja

- Korotka istorija vashoho zhyttja \\ Probudzhennja i rukh u zvorotnomu naprjamku \\ Probudzhennja i rukh nazovni \\ Svidomist‘ \\ Probudzhena dija \\ Try modal‘nosti probudzhenoji diji \\ Pryynjattja \\ Zadovolennja \\ Entuziazm \\ Khranyteli chastoty \\ Nova zemlja – ne utopija

- Prymitky

Publisher: Terra Incognita
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786177646012
Year: 2019

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Eckhart Tolle

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