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Louise L.Hay. Tsilyuscha syla dumky. (The Power of Within You)

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Louise L.Hay. Tsilyuscha syla dumky. (The Power of Within You)
"This book will reveal the most cherished mystery of happiness: it is in each of us. The author explains how to discard all negative prejudices and thoughts that prevent one from being happy and enjoying life. Louise Hay teaches us to overcome the barriers of pain, fear, and anger and to be grateful for all the gifts of the Universe. The key to happiness is in our hands."
Translated from English by Oksana Zubchenko
In Ukrainian
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 120x168 mm
Number of pages: 304
Publisher: Bookclub, Kharkiv

- Peredmova

- Vstup

Chastyna 1. Prykhodymo do tjamy

1. Tsiljushcha syla dumky

2. Uslid za vnutrishnim holosom

3. Syla slova

4. Pereprohramovujemo stari plivky

Chastyna 2. Dolajemo pereshkody

5. Jak zrozumity, shcho vas zaslipljuje?

6. Jak vidpustyty pochuttja?

7. Jak vyyty za mezhi bolju?

Chastyna 3. Ljubit‘ sebe

8. Vchymosja ljubyty sebe

9. Jak poljubyty svoju vnutrishnju dytynu?

10. Doroslishajemo i starijemo

Chastyna 4. Zastosovujemo vnutrishnju mudrist‘

11. Otrymujemo dobrobut

12. Vyrazhajemo tvorchist‘

13. Sukupnist‘ mozhlyvostey

Chastyna 5. Vidpuskajemo mynule

14. Zminy i transformatsija

15. Svit, u jakomu ljudy ne bojat‘sja ljubovi

- Pisljamova

- DODATOK. Medytatsiji dlja ztsilennja sebe i planety

Publisher: BookClub
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786171250871
Year: 2018

Domestic price: 194.60UAH
International price: $13.90USD
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