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Serhiy and Oleksiy Parnovsky. Yak vlashtovano Vsesvit. An Introduction to Modern Cosmology. (How the Universe is Organized)

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Serhiy and Oleksiy Parnovsky. Yak vlashtovano Vsesvit. An Introduction to Modern Cosmology. (How the Universe is Organized)
"Where did the Universe start, and is it finite? How has it been developing and what is happening to it now, are laws of physics the same everywhere in the Universe? In this book, you will be introduced to a short course on the history and the current status of cosmology – the science about the Universe and the place of mankind in it. An interesting tour into the complex world of science – and an attempt to answer some popular questions, including those about the dark energy, dark matter, and black holes."
In Ukrainian
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 145x200 mm
Number of pages: 248
Publisher: Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva, Lviv

- Peredmova

- Vstup. Vytoky kosmolohiji

Rozdil 1. Pryntsypy Zahal‘noji teoriji vidnosnosti

1. Vydilena systema vidliku. 2. Hravitatsija, inertsija ta pryplyvni syly. 3. Prostir, chas i prostir-chas. 4. Efekty ta perevirky ZTV

Rozdil 2. Vsesvit, shcho rozshyrjujet‘sja

1. Statychnyy Vsesvit Eynshteyna. 2. Inshi halaktyky ta jikhnje rozbihannja. 3. Rozshyrennja Vsesvitu. 4. Chervone zmishchennja. 5. Zakon Khabbla. 6. Vidstani v astronomiji. 7. Modeli Fridmana. 8. Strila chasu. 9. Heometrija Vsesvitu. 10. Parametr upovil‘nennja. 11. Masshtabnyy faktor. 12. Velykyy vybukh

Rozdil 3. Vmist Vsesvitu

1. Na shljakhu do tablytsi Mendeljejeva. 2. Problema antymateriji. 3. Revoljutsija nablyzhajet‘sja. 4. Skil‘ky vazhyt‘ svitlo? 5. Materija z nenul‘ovym tyskom u vsesviti, shcho rozshyrjajet‘sja. 6. Zberezhzhennja enerhiji. 7. Kosmolohichna stala zavdaje udaru u vidpovid‘. 8. Standartna kosmolohichna model‘

Rozdil 4. Ranniy Vsesvit

1. Reliktove vyprominjuvannja: vidlunnja Velykoho vybukhu. 2. Vidkryttja reliktovoho vyprominjuvannja. 3. Anizotropija reliktovoho vyprominjuvannja. 4. Eksperymental‘ni doslidzhennja anizotropiji reliktovoho vyprominjuvannja. 5. Nezdorovi sensatsiji. 6. Kosmolohichnyy horyzont. 7. Infljatsija Vsesvitu. 8. Mul‘tyvsesvit i antropnyy pryntsyp

Rozdil 5. Temna materija

1. Vidkryttja temnoji materiji. Virial‘na masa. 2. Kryvi obertannja halaktyk. 3. Vidnoshennja masa-svitnist‘. 4. Zlyttja halaktyk. 5. Kosmichni potoky. 6. Tempy zrostannja fluktuatsiy hustyny. 7. Hravitatsiyne linzuvannja. 8. Z choho skladajet‘sja temna materija? 9. Al‘ternatyvni modeli

Rozdil 6. Temna enerhija

1. Vidstani u vykryvlenomu prostori-chasi. 2. Svidchennja isnuvannja temnoji enerhiji. 3. Modeli temnoji enerhiji

Rozdil 7. Chorni diry ta insha ekzotyka

1. Neytronni zirky. 2. Chorni diry. 3. Holi synhuljarnosti


Dodatok A. Nereljatyvists‘ka kosmolohija bez kosmolohichnoji staloji

1. Rivnjannja Fridmana bez kosmolohichnoji staloji. 2. Analiz modeley Fridmana. 3. Parametr upovil‘nennja

Dodatok B. Nereljatyvist‘s‘ka kosmolohija z kosmolohichnoju staloju

1. Model‘ de Sittera. 2. LCDM-model‘. 3. Plaska LCDM-model‘

- Bibliohrafija

- Rekomendovana literatura

Publisher: Staryi Lev
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786176796060
Year: 2019

Domestic price: 278.60UAH
International price: $19.90USD
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