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Ihor Poklad. Charivna skrypka. /cassette/.

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Ihor Poklad. Charivna skrypka. /cassette/.
Young and well-known Ukrainian artists sing the songs full of love and beauty.
Note! All the tapes presented here are sold on AS IS terms. That is, we do not undertake responsibility if a certain tape cannot be played on your player or has lost its technical qualities over time because it was produced long time ago. All the cassettes are sold in their factory packaging (sealed in cellophane film).
1. Kokhana (Ani Lorak)
2. Oy, letily dyki husy (Ruslana)
3. Dolen‘ko moja (V. Shport‘ko)
4. Kryla (Samaja T)
5. Oy, stojala khata (Duet "Dva kol‘ory")
6. Narechena (El Kravchuk)
7. Skrypka hraje (V. Zinkevych)
8. Vid‘ma (O. Aznobina)
9. Charivna Skrypka (T. Hverdtsiteli)
10. Ochi na pisku (T. Hverdtsiteli)
11. Jak meni boljat‘ moji pisni ()
12. Tykha voda (N. Donets‘)
13. Zelen klen (O. Pekun)
14. Pisnja pro matir (O. Romanovs‘ka)
15. Teche voda (Sofija Rotaru)
16. Kraju miy lelechyy (Sofija Rotaru)

Publisher: Rostok Records

Domestic price: 141.90UAH
International price: $12.90USD
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