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Yavoryna Trio. Trio "Yavoryna". /cassette/.

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Yavoryna Trio. Trio "Yavoryna". /cassette/.
A song is inalienable part of Ukrainian life. With a song we are happy and with a song we are sad, with a song we meet and we leave, we work and we rest. Trio "Yavoryna" presents popular Ukrainian folk songs. This trio was founded in 1997. It includes three singers of H. Veriovka choir: Lazarenko Olena, Chuhno Tamara and Kravchuk Larissa. Developing the traditions of Ukrainian folk singing, they offer you traditional Ukrainian folk songs in special arrangements.
Note! All the tapes presented here are sold on AS IS terms. That is, we do not undertake responsibility if a certain tape cannot be played on your player or has lost its technical qualities over time because it was produced long time ago. All the cassettes are sold in their factory packaging (sealed in cellophane film).
1. Oy bolyt‘ mja holivon‘ka
2. Oy na hori kozaky stojaly
3. Oy tam za lisochkom
4. V ponedilok rano
5. Pol‘ka
6. A Roman na toku
7. Oy divchyno kupyna
8. Oy dala mene moja maty
9. Pol‘ka
10. Smutnyy vechir
11. Letila zozul‘ka
12. Pol‘ka
13. Ochered treshchyt‘
14. Oy vypyla vykhylyla
15. Pol‘ka
16. Hylja, hylja, siri husy
17. V sadu huljala
18. Charivna skrypka
19. Oy kume, kume

Publisher: OBERIH XXI
Catalogue number: 036-Ï-009-4

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Yavoryna Trio

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