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Vydubychi Church Chorus. Praise the Name of the Lord.

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Vydubychi Church Chorus. Praise the Name of the Lord.
The Vydubychi Church Chorus was founded in Kyiv in 1990, at the beginning of the revival of Ukrainian orthodoxy. Vydubychi chorus is well-known in Ukraine and abroad as one of the best Ukrainian Orthodox Chorus. Musicians sing the most known and popular Ukrainian Christmas works. Booklet include information in Ukrainian and English!

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Vydubychi Church Chorus

Domestic price: 390.60UAH
International price: $27.90USD
1.  The Lord's Prayer
music: M. Dubens'kyj
2. Mp3The Nicene Creed
music: A. Lunaev
3. Mp3The Angel Greeted the Gracious One
music: M. Verbytsky
4.  The Beatitudes
music: M. Leontovych
5.  Only Begotten Son
music: P. Hiyhoriev
6.  Holy Hymn
music: H. Davydovsky
7.  Praise the Name of the Lord
music: K. Sietsenko
8.  Give Guidance, Lord (Kyivan-Pechersk chant)
9.  Gladsome Light
music: A. Vedel
10.  With My Voice
music: A. Arkhangelsky
11.  Save Us from Sorrow
music: canio by A. Hnatyshynj
12.  God the Lord
music: Kyivan chant arr. R. Schedrinj
13.  Lord, Have Mercy on Me
music: S. Dehtiariovj
14.  Across the Wide Field
music: canio by R Honcharov
15.  Oh. What a Miracle
music: canio by A. Hnatyshyn
16. Mp3Many Years (traditional chorus of best wishes)
music: I. Bilykovsky
 Total playing time: 53:45

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...this album contains, apart from the rest, songs for Christmas and Easter. However, the objective of that concert program was to demonstrate to Ukrainians the widest possible palette of Georgian singing – so, festive, lyrical, feast, humorous and other songs from various regions of Georgia, instrumental melodies, as well as solo singing could be heard there.
Domestic price: 250.60UAH, International price: $17.90USD

Reviews (7)

  , Philadelpia, USA
22-03-2009 07:03

Ce tvorinnya Gospoda...

  Антон , Умка
23-10-2008 11:40

Доброго дня, fryevhen,
Ви праві - вільно скачати можна взагалі переважну більшість тієї музики, яку ми продаємо на фізичних носіях. Але, між іншим, частина прибутку від видання і продажу дисків таки дістається до музикантів - чого не буває у випадку з вільним скачуванням. Втім, не наполягаю - це просто тема для роздумів. Тут діє свобода вибору, звичайно ж, і ми не збираємось чиюсь свободу обмежувати.

23-10-2008 08:55

ці диски можна безкоштовно скачати )

  , Київ, Україна
12-01-2007 10:16

Божественно! Іншими словами своїх відчуттів не передасиш. Слухаєш і думаєш про себе: "Вірую!"

  , prato, italy
11-10-2006 21:33

very intensive

06-06-2006 00:08

просто слів нема! чудово!

  Nigel Moore , Basingstoke, England
19-05-2005 21:15

This choir sings very well and produces a very pleasant light and medodious unaccompanied sound. The choice of music is varied and they are able to provide exciting and deeply moving renditions. A pleasure to listen to once and to return to many times.