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Lesya Ukrainka. Dramatic works. Poems (mp3).

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Lesya Ukrainka. Dramatic works. Poems (mp3).

It is impossible to find any Ukrainian literature and to hear nothing about Lesia Ukrainka. From time to time there are attempts to inflate scandals about her radical feminism, nonconventional sexual orientation. However, actually, it is the private position of each person. It is like a tradition to rouse scandals over historic and culture interesting persons. Itís a pity. But it will be overcome as everything. Now there is a great interest in Lesia Ukrainka works. Not because it is in need. But because the truth is in her works and the less truth is in the nowadays writersí works that have already lost the virgin. Perhaps, not entirely. Nevertheless, letís return to the disk. All the works have been read by Ada Rogovtseva one of the best Ukrainian cinema and theatre artists. She is reading everything by herself and her skill seems to be strange. Because only the texts but not Ada Rovovtseva could be heard. In addition, every listener could color texts as he whishes the way it has to be while simply reading a book. So remember that it is not radio piece. It is a real book. Itís just that you wont read it with your eyes. Moreover, all the texts are Ukrainian, original.

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Lesya Ukrainka

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  Dramatic works
1.  Bojarynja (dramatic poem)
2.  Lisova pisnja (fairy drama)
3.  Kaminnyj hospodar (drama)
4.  Kasandra (dramatic poem)
5.  Orhija (dramatic poem)
6.  Oderzhyma (dramatic poem)
7.  Vila-posestra
8.  Robert Brjus, korol' Shotlandskyj
9.  Davnja kazka
10.  Izol'da Biloruka
11.  Samson
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Domestic price: 102.30UAH, International price: $9.30USD

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