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To be continued. Vol.1. Next level is present... /digi-pack/

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To be continued. Vol.1. Next level is present... /digi-pack/
"The album has comprised 12 tracks by Ukrainian, European and Russian producers. Next to such names of the stars of the world dancing floor as DaHool, Trik & Kubic, Coburn – there are names of known, as well as new Ukrainian and Russian producers – Sergio Mega, DJ Small, DJ DerBastler, Dan Brain, Sambooca. The final track is the remix by DJ Tiesel aka Sergey Tovstoluzhskiy. The collection represents pieces by CTS labels, Ministry of Sound, Great Stuff Recordings, Sumo, Kompakt, etc. The style of the album is Electro, House, Techno, the mix was produced by Sergio Mega."

(from materials of the official press-release)

Publisher: Creative Technologies Studio
Catalogue number: D-007-07
Year: 2007

Domestic price: 152.60UAH
International price: $10.90USD
1. Mp3Be yourself /Original mix/ (Storm Tarrion, (Sergio Mega)
2.  Like you /Finger and Kadel's We like meet mix/ (Hacienda feat. Caitlin Devlin /elk/)
3. Mp3Me equalizer /Extended mix/ (Da Hool pres)
4. Mp3I Ball II /Original mix/ (Dan Brain)
5.  Easy /Jean Claude Ades remix/ (Trick + Kubic feat. Valeska)
6. Mp3Soon... (it shell begin) (DJ Small)
7. Mp3People in the house /Original mix/ (Marcello Mineo)
8.  Give me love /Original mix/ (Coburn)
9.  Coming hard / Original mix / (Sambooca)
10.  Musique Pour Gogos /Kolesky + Raxx mix/ (Jerome B)
11.  OUTRO: Satisfied /DJ Tiesel Slutisfied remix/ (Elvira Solovey, (Sergio Mega)
  Bonus track:
12.  Alias /DerBastler remix/ (Andi Teichmann)
 Total playing time: 69:31

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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