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Ani Lorak. Smile.

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Ani Lorak. Smile.

May be, I am wrong, but listening approximately to the second song recorded at this album you feel as if now Ani Lorak has finally determined the direction, in which she will continue to move on. And this direction is somewhere in the middle between a teen-age star and a pop-girl. Deliberate or not, this finding of the happy medium has evidently influenced the album sounding. It – the sounding – is rather balanced, suspended, assiduous, washed and shiny, put on high heels and turned to the sunset with its face. Personally I find it to be good, because generally speaking, the vocal potentialities of Ani Lorak allow her in full to have enough ambitions as for popularity, which may be wider than simply to be popular on the territory of Ukraine. Still, time will show if a European listener shares this opinion. Yes, a quiet one may share. Because I find this album to be a real – without any exaggeration – embodiment of musical recusancy. From which a particle "non" has been carefully crossed out – finally, in our time, it is a very demonstrative state of affairs. That’s why it undoubtedly has every chance to be taken correctly.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Lavina Music
Year: 2005

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Ani Lorak

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1.  Right Away Song text
lyrics: Nick Brovchenko
2. Mp3Smile Song text
lyrics: Pam Reswick
3. Mp3A Little Shot of Love Song text
lyrics: Pam Reswick
4. Mp3Car Song Song text
lyrics: Nick Brovchenko
5.  To be on Top Song text
lyrics: Nick Brovchenko
6.  Don’t talk about love Song text
lyrics: Pam Reswick
7.  Untie Me Song text
lyrics: Nick Brovchenko
8.  Why Song text
lyrics: Tina Harris
9.  13 Song text
lyrics: Pam Reswick
10.  The Best Song text
lyrics: Chapman
11.  Tell Me (Rozkazhy) Song text
lyrics: Ani Lorak
12. Mp3I am Waiting (Chekaju) Song text
lyrics: Nick Brovchenko, Ani Lorak
  Bonus video
13.  Smile
14.  A Little Shot of Love
15.  Car Song

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Reviews (35)

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  людмила , Чернигов, Украина
02-08-2008 18:26

Каролина лучше всех!!!

  , Philadelphia, USA
30-04-2007 21:22

Prosto syper,xoroshii golos,vneshnost'!!!DA PROSTO SLOV NET!!!

  , malaga, ispania
02-04-2007 21:24

meny ochyny nravitsa etat disk
vin prosto super

  , denmark
18-10-2006 21:37

"rozkazhu"- ce super)))

  , Copenhagen, Denmark
02-10-2006 14:55

I had actually never heard of Ani, before I entered this webside. But after the great succes I had had by starting to listen to wonderfull Ruslana, I wanted to try with some more Ukrainian music. And it became Ani Lorak. I really think she has a great voice, and there is some pretty good tracks on the cd, but i would like some more of the rock numbers, there is in the start of the cd.
But as a hole, it's a great cd. <3

  , sabah, malaysia
06-08-2006 20:03

ani lorak... what a great singer...

  , Kiev, Ukraine
18-06-2006 18:55

Буду краток... Hi-End glam rock (wov!)...
:-) <-- smile

  , Hebron, USA
08-06-2006 06:42

Just can't agree with one particular reviewer from Sydney, Australia. "Smile" is an English language version of another album and, for whatever it's worth, every criticism made in that review can be made about just anybody, from Deep Purple to Madonna. Personally, I think Ani fares very well in English. Her voice is strong enough to carry the lyrics and the tunes are bright and catchy.
This CD rocks.

  , Терновка, Украина
05-06-2006 10:39

Ани Лорак просто класс
Знает даже Пьеха Стас
Тоже в шоке Пугачева
Любит Лорак Королева!

Она лучшая!

  Ольга , Донецк, Украина
25-05-2006 14:48

Мне очень понравился Альбом Ани Лорак!!!Каролинка - молодец!Работай в таком же духе и у тебя будет еще больше и больше поклонников твоих песен!

  оля , рівне
18-04-2006 21:31

мені дуже подобпються всі пісні з цього альбому.Все просто супер!!!

  , Dunstable, England
31-03-2006 17:10

What a FANTASTIC album. Ani Lorak has by far one of the best voices i've heard and this album is a testament to her talent. Modern music that really catches you from the beginning to the end of the CD. The most catchy songs are the Ukrainian ones I must say especially Rozkazhy with its haunting melody. You can tell that the music was written from the heart and by none other than Karolina herself.

Overall, I recommend this album to anyone who wants to hear pure talent with great music. Ukraine has a real STAR in Karolina and everyone should hear her music.


  , Gibsonia, USA
10-03-2006 22:26

Ani is thee best singer out there, she is beter than the singers in USA.
How do I describe Smile. Well Ani's music on this album is energetic, vigorous , brilliant .It's easy to jam to in the car , while exercising , or just about anywhere you go. She made a huge step singing in English, and she did a great job. I still love when she sings in Ukrainian. I will recommend this CD , and all of Ані Лорак CD's . She is a Ukrainian jem, and should be cherished as a jem. I have no complaints at all. Two thumbs all the way up.

Peace , Love , and Ані for life.


  Wade , Sydney, Australia
08-03-2006 13:54

Ruslana drew my attention to Ukrainian music in the first place, and so I came to UMKA, where I tried everything. Ukrainian classical, folk, electronica, 'ethno-pop' (!) etc... and I've loved it all. Well, almost all. Tellingly, Ruslana's English language debut was the first record I bought here that I didn't like. I found it to musically bombastic and lyrically naff. Ani Lorak fares better on the musical front, but I think there are still some really terrible striving-to-please-the-American-market moments on this record that make me wonder -- as a Westerner 'out here' seeking Ukrainian music for its difference from what's around me everyday -- why must Ukrainian artists try to give me that same thing?

Don't get me wrong. Musically, there's a solid bank of catchy pop-rock tunes on here, and there is a plesantly distinctive guitar sound. But lyrically and subject matter wise, there's plenty that sucks. I don't wanna hear Ukrainians opining about 'who will take me to the prom?'! Even when songs are not so overtly tailored to American teenworld, the lyrics are just badly expositional and occasionally rendered laughable by Lorak's heartfelt vocalisation.

I'm sorry to say it but there's no way around it - the bank of Western song lyrics is so greatly established by now that the standard of lyric on this album will never cut it in that element - but that's what is required if a non-Western artist is really determined to throw in in that market. With much better lyrics, I can imagine having no problem with this record at all. Lorak can aim her music where she wants, though I'd prefer if she didn't feel it necessary to join this particularly bloated market. With music this good and her voice, she can go for it -- but not with these lyrics. Nope!

  Victoria , Lutsk, Ukraine
01-03-2006 17:14

Просто замечательный альбом. Всё её творчество заслуживает уважения-она просто умничка.Не только красивая,но ещё и чертовски талантливая.Так держать! Simply the best:)