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Natalka Karpa. Ty probach meni. (Please forgive me)

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Natalka Karpa. Ty probach meni. (Please forgive me)
A girl grows and becomes an adult. She has already twice appeared in our list. The previous time she appeared with Christmas and New Year songs, in which you could feel something youthful, even childish in the best understanding of this word. This time we hear the songs performed already by a young woman, who lives in our time, who expresses her youth and her feminity. Thats why her songs are full of passionate southern rhythms and melodies, which whisper about something secret and all these things rage, whirls in a dance and laughs aloud, because this is the life of salty splashes, sweet-scented nights, spring freshness and lyrics of expressive silence; because this is the life with love, while without love it is not life at all, it is just existence, wandering and fading. If so, what else should a singer sing about?

Publisher: NAC
Year: 2004

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Natalka Karpa

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1.  A kalyna ne verba
music: Ukrainian Traditional Song
2.  Pidu za toboju
music: A. Bakun
lyrics: A. Bakun
3.  Bez tebe muchus'
lyrics: O. Sadova
4. Mp3Tobi, tobi odnomu
music: Spanish Traditional Song
lyrics: I. Dolja
5. Mp3Zacharuj mene
music: O. Baran
lyrics: V. Herasymenko
6.  V sadu huljala
music: Ukrainian Traditional Song
7.  Zelenyj lystochok
music: O. Harytonov
lyrics: V. Sjerova
8. Mp3Ja dodomu povernus'
music: L. Ostapenko
lyrics: V. Herasymenko
9.  Vesil'na
music: L. Ostapenko
lyrics: V. Herasymenko
10.  Mij charivnyk
music: O. Harytonov
lyrics: V. Sjerova
11.  Hrinho
music: O. Harytonov
lyrics: V. Sjerova
12. Mp3Zyma
music: L. Ostapenko
lyrics: V. Herasymenko
13.  Znaju
music: A. Bakun
lyrics: A. Bakun
14.  Ty probach meni
music: A. Bakun
lyrics: A. Bakun
15.  Ty probach meni
16.  Ja dodomu povernus'
 Total playing time: 54:13

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Reviews (13)

  , Oberá, Argentina
30-03-2009 04:24

Tchudésna! Prekrásna! Diákujiu!

  , ,
08-02-2008 15:07

- !!! ϳ !

  , idaho, usa
04-06-2007 01:27

klasni pisni natalichka
pishe !

  , newark, usa
03-01-2007 04:16

ykrainskaya musiku ochen kracibaya

  , Mobile, USA
02-10-2006 22:33

I agree with you there Oksana, her music will indeed cheer you up if you're not in the best of moods.

  , siauliai, lithuainian
22-08-2006 09:55

i like her song kalyna!!!

  , Pilsen, Czech Republic
26-07-2006 19:50

Hi people, do you know, where I can find lyrics of Natalka Karpa?
Specially A kalyna ne verba. Thanks.

  , Scotland
19-07-2006 23:23

Naikrascha muzyka-ukrains'ka! ;-)

  , Zhatec, Czech Republic
03-06-2006 18:05

Prosto nekrashche!!!

03-04-2006 19:37


  Oksana , Toronto, Canada
06-03-2006 16:44

Amazing music. She is such a good singer. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT.

I purchase about 20 CD's of pop and folk Ukrainian music, and this one stand out... This is the CD that even if you are in a bad mood, it will pick your spirit up.

08-08-2005 13:29


  , Abilene, United States
23-05-2005 16:27

this cd rocks! i only wish our country had good music like this.