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Mamanet. Ki-Mono.

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Mamanet. Ki-Mono.
It is hard to believe that this project is only a few years old. It is hard to believe that it roots from Kramatorsk – in fact, a very small town in the eastern part of Ukraine. And – it still has not moved, say, closer to Kyiv or London. Thus – it feels perfectly well on small and large scenes of not only Ukraine, but also of neighboring countries, where they readily invite the group. Festivals of electronic music, jazz, rock – everywhere this group feels comfortable, and now it is even testing its ability to create music for films. To keep it short, based on its own example Mamanet proves once again: truly interesting music is created not solely with money, but with the talent and professionalism. So simple.. By the way, in 2008, Mamanet performed as a warm-up for the already legendary Red Snapper – and this is symbolic enough. It is with the music by the latter that they quite often compare work of the guys from Kramatorsk, and there are really two reasons for that. Mamanet offers to the audience an intellectually energetic, strangely bewitching mixture of trip-hop, acid-jazz, post-rock, drum'n'bass and even disco – it is far not possible to define the group's art with some concrete word. Plus – despite of such specificity, they also perform their compositions live, real-time. If an opportunity arises – be sure to attend their concert, bright and positive impressions are guaranteed for you. However, the same can also be said about the album "Ki-Mono" – with such music, it is no shame to appear anywhere where they do understand music...

Publisher: Ultra Vague Recordings
Year: 2008

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Domestic price: 250.60UAH
International price: $17.90USD
1. Mp3There's No High
2.  Chemistry
3. Mp3One Day
4.  Tribal Superstar
5. Mp3Coma
6. Mp3Dub Is Not For Chicks
7.  Discotheque Man
8.  Sirens
9.  Amsterdam
10. Mp3A Cargo From Tashkent
11.  Smoke/Dreams
 Total playing time: 49:28

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