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Marta Shpak, Molotov 20. Osiayni. The modern treatment of traditional Ukrainian folk music. /digi-pack/. (Enlighted)

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Marta Shpak, Molotov 20. Osiayni. The modern treatment of traditional Ukrainian folk music. /digi-pack/. (Enlighted)

In the collection of modern interpretations of the traditional Ukrainian music, there is new fresh blood. Moreover, with a somewhat updated concept. If you remember, in the first albums authentic singing went through modern processing. This time – vocal parts are sung especially for the project. Thus, Shura Gera – we know him, apart from the rest, as Molotov20 – and a girl with the very spring name, Marta Shpak. If the album has the name "Osiayni" ("Enlighted"), it is simply obliged to be hospitable, friendly to the audience, not to frighten them with the onset, but to sing lullabies on waves of various rhythms. Actually, this is what is happening – Shura already recommended himself long ago as a skilled expert and talented electronics guy. Rhythms of "Osyayni" bewitch with their soft, silent pace. Marta, in her turn, also obviously appears here not by chance. Her voice has a very interesting feature – it somehow inexplicably combines in itself the past and the future. It seems to be native – and somehow not from here. That’s why the singing floats a sort of both within the music, and independent of it, within its own coasts. I will not object that it intrigues. More than that. One of these days I heard one of the tracks on the radio and thought that it was Nina Matvienko singing. And now I listen – and it does not seem to resemble. Such a girl Marta is, with her voice changeable as if a pussycat – it charms by and by. And that’s what I wish you.

Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog)

"The modern treatment of traditional Ukrainian folkmusik" series includes: Korali, Zelene, Vesilni, Osiayni; mp3.

Publisher: Atlantic
Year: 2006

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Molotov 20
Marta Shpak

Domestic price: 174.90UAH
International price: $15.90USD
1.  Grow up, my withered oak
2.  Cossack was coming from Ukraine
3. Mp3It grieved me deeply
4.  To ours, my guys
5.  A linden stood
6. Mp3What on earth it's a village
7. Mp3Oh, Kupalo-Rozkupalo
8.  A nightingale is in the orchard
9. Mp3Petrivochka, oh, shedrivochka
10.  Shine out, my sickle moon
 Total playing time: 48:59

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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Reviews (5)

  , Горловка, Україна
23-08-2011 16:44

Музика на експорт. У нас на Вкраїні здебільшого роблять "шароварну" автентику (яка саме через "шароварність" автентикою не є). Шура ж просто осучаснив традиційну українську музику (яку в нас майже ніхто не знає): можливо, це римейк Еутерпи. Або просто Шура спробував себе у іпостасі інтерпретатора. Для мене відкрите питання: хто більше зробив для проекту? чи то Шура зкерував Марту Шпак у необхідне річище, чи то вони направляли один одного... Слово "Осяйні" має для мене загадково-містичний присмак.
Потішив якісний digi-pack 9 хоч я і не люблю цю " упаковку " для компактів ) .
Дуже хочу побувати на сеті Шури , де б він виконував цю музику .

  astrid , norway
25-04-2007 00:42

This is amazing!!! I want more!

  , Барселон , Іспанія
22-03-2007 14:51

Superb CD. If I had to choose among "Korali", "Zelene" and "Osiajni" I would choose the 3rd one. The blend of modernity and tradition is very well-balanced. The music is electronic but never to the point to make the listener forget the electrosounds are wrapping something organic. On the other hand, Marta Љpak's vocals are nearly hypnotic. To me it singing style sounds more traditional than Pop, but still she sounds very updated. These songs fulfill the mission of bringing traditional folk melodies to modern ears. Very nice introduction to Ukrainian folklore for those who hate folkloric music ^_^

  , Finnsnes, Norway
23-12-2006 20:43

Super muzyka.

  , Tampere, Finland
26-09-2006 22:59