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Rosava. Prosto Neba. (On the open air)

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Rosava. Prosto Neba. (On the open air)
Actually, it is hard to believe, that this album was recorded in the studio (Gadiukiny Records, Kyiv), not on the open air of Ukrainian steppes. There are so many air, Sun and freedom on this CD, so that it is even easier to breath listening to this music. In her art, Rosava combines modern electronic and live music with traditional Ukrainian women singing. That's why peoples of different ages likes her songs.

Publisher: Comp music
Year: 2008

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Domestic price: 130.90UAH
International price: $11.90USD
1.  Prosto Neba
2.  Obijmy
3. Mp3Rosava
4.  Prokydajus'
5. Mp3Den' & Nich
6. Mp3Na Volju V Nebesa
7. Mp3Oj, De Ty
8.  Znevirylas'
9.  Slova
10. Mp3Bludna
11. Mp3Kosycja Kvitne
12.  Oy, Rjasna-Krasna
13. Mp3Nasha Ukrajina
14. Mp3Divchyna taka ja
15.  Zolota vyshyvanka (Kofein remix)
16.  Obiymy (Hadjukiny Rekordz remix)
17.  Den‘ i Nich (Hadjukiny Rekordz remix)
18.  Divchyna taka ja (rmx by (Faktychno Sami)
 Total playing time: 68:59

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Domestic price: 174.90UAH, International price: $15.90USD

Reviews (5)

  , Черкаси, Україна
17-03-2006 09:43

непогана музика, а особливо приємний голос Росави робить цей диск гідним того, щоб його прослухати. А деякі пісні навіть стали одними із улюблених. Хоча по правді кажучи, парочку пісень - не мій смак, я прихильник мелодичної музики. Але сучасна музика передбачає будь-які експерименти з музикою.
одним словом - купляте, слухайте і насолоджуйтеся! :-)

  , TOURS, France
14-12-2005 11:05

Probably THE disc that everyone should have. Sometimes slow and makes you relax, sometimes verry fast, makes you ecstatic and you just can't stay in your seat! Don't miss it!

  , Бурштин, ukr
26-09-2005 18:16

так, музика дійсно незвичайна і приємна. неможу дочикатись коли у продажі буде другий диск ,,Неділя,, Дякую тобі за таку чудову музику.

  , Canberra, Australia
22-06-2005 10:59

Again, another Ukrainian whose music is revolutionary and refreshing to me. The music's complexity and ethereal feel reminds me a great deal of UK artist Kate Bush. You get the feeling that Rosava is not quite of this world, but someone angelic and surreal. Her music envelopes you completely.

There seems to be a fondness for remixes among many Ukraine artists, and Rosava's remixes are almost totally new songs. "Obijmy" is an example, the original bears little resemblance to the remix. Both are great songs, but the remix is absolutely mesmerising.

I just hope that, unlike Kate Bush, we don't have to wait years between CDs from Rosava!

  Влад , Хмельницький, Україна
13-05-2005 22:36

Мені дуже сподобався. Бажаю успіхів Руслані ! ! !