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Oxana Bilozir. Horobyna Nich. (collection release). (Rowan Night)

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Oxana Bilozir. Horobyna Nich. (collection release). (Rowan Night)

As we can see, Oksana Bilozir has already produced second releases of almost the whole of her creative reserve there are just a couple of albums left still waiting for their turn. On the one hand, that is significant in the sense that and here we speak as an operating shop discs by Oksana Bilozir are still permanently in demand. That is, they are not just ordered they are ordered quite often. And this happens disregarding the fact that these are mostly second releases of albums of the past years. In other words, years pass, but her popularity does not. On the other hand... Well, for example, the album "Rowan Night". It first appeared to the light of the day approximately 10 years ago, right? However, one enjoys listening to it now not less, and frequently more than to a large part of modern variety art. It is clear that instruments have become much more accomplished during these years. But the melodies, but the voice nobody can ever take that away. So, it appears that we were right having written here a few years ago that this album was one of those "true" variety art albums that it was really never late to offer to the public, because they would always be in demand.

Publisher: Golden
Catalogue number: GM.UA 01 107
Year: 2008

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Oxana Bilozir

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1. Mp3Horobyna nich
2.  Svjatkova
3. Mp3Charivna bojkivchanka
4.  Ukrajinochka
5.  Dum-dum
6.  Pshenychne pereveslo
7.  Oj zelene zhyto, zelene
8.  Niby vchora
9.  Zhuravli
10. Mp3O, hospody
11.  Bat'kivs'ka pisnja
12.  Lystopad
13.  Kafe
14.  Pokajannja
 Total playing time: 57:32

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Reviews (5)

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22-05-2008 19:59

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  , The Woodlands, Texas,, USA
06-05-2006 06:17

I don't speak Ukrainian, but I just love this CD! I first came across it on a Russian music website. Although they were out of stock, I was able to listen to the whole album all the way through. I knew that I had to have it. Oksana Bilozir has a very beautiful voice, strong and clear, not fragile and whispery. As she is so indentified with traditional Ukrainian music, I feel as though I am hearing it truly from the source. Excellent album. Can't wait to buy some of her other albums as well.

  , Timisoara, Rumunia
11-02-2006 19:15

Vebachaius za pocherk, maiu tilke latenski bukve.
Ukraintzi Rumunii bahato sluxaiut Ocsanu Bilozir. tze odna z nasheh uliubleneh spivachioc. Pozdorovliaemo ii ! Moje kolesi pobachemosi i budemo mate nahodu sluhate ii najevo.

  Natalia , Nottingham, UK
19-04-2005 14:47

Songs such as Ukrainochka hold so true for me and so many others. Oksana is such a great singer and the range of songs on this album are fantastic!