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Ukrainian song and dance party. Golden Collection.

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Ukrainian song and dance party. Golden Collection.

When the disc has such a name, theres no need to add anything, because everything is clear. Nevertheless, lets develop this idea a bit. The thing is that a party will be a party, but in the Ukrainian village it is exactly the so called troyisti musyky (trio of performers) who are not simply performers. I will not be mistaken if I say that troyisti musyky have always congratulated a common Ukrainian, that is a common villager, with birth, entertained him during his whole life and even attended his funeral. Troyisti. There was hardly a decent tavern in which they did not perform. And now it is the same way an alive music always attracts more attention and commands more respect towards a house. Still, going back to this particular disc, I will state something else. It is not an entirely entertaining recording, though music recorded at it is really various, cheerful and alive. I would like to stress alive. Forty one tracks forty one groups from the whole country, and at that theres no synthesizers here. It is, Id rather say, a force.

Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Astra Records
Catalogue number: AR 004-04
Year: 2004

Domestic price: 250.60UAH
International price: $17.90USD
1.  Folk Tunes (Narodni melodiji)
2.  Yakiv Came To See Me (Scho do mene Jakiv pryhodyv (Ukrainian folk dance))
3.  I Know That I Am Sinful (Oj, ja znaju, scho hrih maju (Ukrainian folk song))
4.  Dzyhun (Ukrainian folk dance)
5.  Through The Orchard, Through The Vineyard (Cherez sad-vynohrad (Ukrainian folk song))
6.  Dancing Tunes (Tancjuval'ni melodiji)
7. Mp3A Good Spinner Am I (A ja prjaha harna (Ukrainian folk song))
8.  Hey, Beyond The Woods (Oj, za hajem, hajem (Ukrainian folk dance))
9. Mp3Kolomijky (Ukrainian folk)
10.  Diadyna (Djadyna (Ukrainian folk dance))
11.  Through The Orchard Goes My Lovely (Sadom, sadom, kumanesen'ka (Ukrainian folk song))
12.  Buckwheat Pancakes (Hrechanyky (Ukrainian folk dance))
13.  Dark Like A Nun (Oj, chorna ja, sy chorna (Ukrainian folk song))
14.  Shabashivka (Ukrainian folk dance)
15.  Riding Boots (Choboty (Ukrainian folk song))
16.  Fine, Fine Cabbage Leaves (Dribni lystky na kapusti (Ukrainian folk polka))
17. Mp3Come Sunday I Go Drinking (U nedilju p'ju, p'ju (Ukrainian folk song))
18.  Whistling Along (Z pidsvystom (Ukrainian folk polka))
19.  O, The Well in the Field (Oj, u poli krynychen'ka (Ukrainian folk song))
20.  Pojulycja (Ukrainian folk dance)
21.  Hey In The Little Cherry Orchard (Oj, u vyshnevomu sadochku (Ukrainian folk song))
22. Mp3I Can Hear A Fiddle And Bass In The Street (Na vulyci skrypka j bas (Ukrainian folk polka))
23.  Do Not Come To Me (Ty do mene ne hody (Ukrainian folk song))
24.  The Jew's Harp (Drymbul'ka (Ukrainian folk melody))
25.  My Father Is Rich (A v moho baten'ka (Ukrainian folk song))
26.  Zhubrovyc'ka pol'ka (Ukrainian folk)
27.  Am I Not The Mistress (Chy ja ne hazjajka (Ukrainian folk song))
28.  The Boots Of My Mother-In-Law (Teschyn tenec' ta choboty (Ukrainian folk dance))
29.  To The Market I Will Go (Oj, pidu ja na jarmarok (Ukrainian folk song))
30.  The Little Cossack (Kozachok (Ukrainian folk dance))
31.  The Green Rye Field (Zeleneje zhyto (Ukrainian folk song))
32.  The Pretty Girl (Divchyna (Ukrainian folk dance))
33.  Do You Want To Take A Walk (Pishov by pohuljav (Ukrainian folk song))
34.  Jocular Polka (Zhartivlyva pol'ka (Ukrainian folk polka))
35.  The Burning Pine-Tree (Horila sosna (Ukrainian folk song))
36.  Wedding Dance (Vesil'nyj tanec' (Ukrainian folk))
37.  Hey-ho, Good Lads (Hlopci - molodci (Ukrainian folk song))
38.  A Garland of Ukrainian Folk Melodies
39.  Wherever I Go, Wherever I May Wander (De b ja ne jihala, de b ja ne jshla (Ukrainian folk song))
40.  Dyrdyns'ka pol'ka (Ukrainian folk)
41.  A Lady Comes Home From A Wedding (Ishla baba iz vesillja (Ukrainian folk song))
 Total playing time: 75:43

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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Reviews (10)

14-05-2017 13:05

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  , Perkinsville, USA
11-09-2007 16:40

This CD is filled with very lively music, ideal for singing and dancing (if one has more energy than I do!). Although I am not fond of the Ukrainian bilyj holos singing, it is part of the music of the country and important to preserve. The purely instrumental tracks are a delight for those who enjoy folk music. Some of the music strongly resembles some of the folk music of the USA, which of course is a melting pot. I am sure some melodies have traveled across numerous countries and seas to be played in numerous places around the world. All in all this is a CD that folk music lovers would do well to add to their music library.

  Merv , Winnipeg, Canada
18-06-2007 04:05

Somewhat dissappointing--there are some decent tracks but overall very raw, poorly mixed technically,i.e.-many tracks have percussion as the most prominent instrument. Far too many 1 minute melodies.

  , iasi, Romania
15-12-2006 08:53

the very best authentic music I ever heard!

  , ,
15-11-2006 22:01

, , , .

  , Stoclport, United Kingdom
17-06-2006 23:39

I was very impressed with the service and prompt delivery of the cds that I ordered. This cd is very good with lots of catchy and memorable songs.

  Andrea , Cleveland, OH, USA
24-05-2006 18:09

This is a fantastic collection of songs for anyone who loves bilyj holos like I do!

  Oksana , Toronto, Canada
06-03-2006 17:13

It's nice music, but... if I had to buy it again, I wouldn't...sorry

  Katya , Melbourne, Australia
16-02-2006 00:51

A delight ful collection of easy going relaxing music!!!

  Katya , melbourne, Australia
10-07-2005 09:15

A delightful collection of easy going relaxing music!