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Haydamaky. Perversia.

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Haydamaky. Perversia.

Haydamaky have surpassed themselves – in any case, they have surpassed the level, which they set with the previous album. At the same time, its main characteristic feature - drive without brakes - was not only preserved by them, but also developed. I do not know how, but to my mind they have succeeded in that. Yet, their step is not of youths, but of men. I mean, now there’s no feeling that somebody races after them like mad, and that’s why it is necessary for them to perform within a minute that quantity of notes-sounds, which should be performed within two-three-four minutes. There’s enough time for that – and there’s additional strata in arrangements, there’s enough pauses to feel the richness of a sound palette to a nicety. There’s much to be felt here. By the way, you may be interested in another fact. You know, today Haydamaky is almost the only Ukrainian group known to such famous person as Emir Kusturica. And, after Kusturica himself, he likes this music very much. Well, is it interesting? Still, I do not urge you to follow the tastes of others – I urge you to pay attention and to listen. And to listen again.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Comp music
Year: 2005

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Domestic price: 141.90UAH
International price: $12.90USD
1.  Love (Love (For pretty Ada from "Perversion" by Yurii Andrukhovych)) Song text
2. Mp3Do you behold? (Do You Behold?) Song text
3. Mp3Sing if you have no bread (Sing If You Have No Bread) Song text
4.  November 2004 Song text
5.  Shidi-Ridi Song text
6. Mp3Heavenly Trembita Song text
7.  Along the valley (Along The Velley (Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors)) Song text
8. Mp3Dismal Holy Evening Song text
9. Mp3Ill Luck Song text
10.  On the other rivage (On The Other Rivage) Song text
11.  Pid Oblachkom
12.  Centre of Ukrainian culture (Centre Of Ukrainian Culture) Song text

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Haydamaky. Haydamaky. /cassette/.

Audio cassette/ .."Haydamaky"create music in their own style "Karpaten Ska", mixing an energy of Ukrainian, Gypsy and Jamaica melodies.
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Foma, Mandry. Chas letyt. /digi-pack/. (Time Flies)

Some of these songs could be heard at Foma's performances back in 2014. Time flies, sure – now there are more of them. Because the theme remains unchanged – the war, which came about then, lasts as of the eve of 2018, when the album is finally released. The country is painfully transforming itself. The price is loss of illusions, inoculated so long ago and so deeply...
Domestic price: 141.90UAH, International price: $12.90USD

Rock-H. Spivanochky pro lyubov. /digi-pack/. (Melodies About Love)

It would seem that with such a title one should expect from the album if not pink tears with ruffles – then, in any case, some average ballads. But "Rock-H" from the very beginning stood out against the background, and this time, too, they do not disappoint.
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Kozak System. Zhyvy i Lyuby. /digi-pack/. (Live and Love)

..So to say – the external drive has given way to the internal one, when dynamics are achieved not so much with heavy guitars and the high pace, but rather with a variety of approaches to arrangement, attention to detail. Thoughtfulness. In this work, there is a lot more space..
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Veremiy. Vilna zemlya. /digi-pack/. (Free Land)

...While the songs of the new album tell of the times of the Ukrainian revolutions, Makhno movement, these are songs, which illustrate the link with the revolution contemporary for us and its heroes, bridge the glorious past and the dignified future. It fills the metal and dark romanticism of Veremiy with the authentic, purely Ukrainian spirit.
Domestic price: 251.90UAH, International price: $22.90USD

Vopli Vidopliassova. Chudovy Svit. /digi-pack/. (The Wonderful World)

Even though "Wonderful World" seems to continue the trend of combining rock aesthetics with ethnics – now it sounds different. It sounds as if the band was able to rethink and synthesize all the previous groundwork – thus, when Oleh Skrypka defines this new piece as "velvet symphonic punk", that is not that much of an exaggeration..
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Rock-H. Otava. /digi-pack/. (Aftergrass)

Aftergrass is the grass that grows after the first mowing, usually it is more juicy. So the title is clearly not accidental – although, frankly speaking, the first album "In Vinko..." was already very juicy. Actually, it seems that the debut was so spot-on that the task of the next album was simply to develop and consolidate the previously discovered sparkle...
Domestic price: 174.90UAH, International price: $15.90USD

Kozak System. Shablya. re-edition. /digi-pack/. (Saber)

"Kozak System" offers a bright mixture of modern and folk poetry, powerful rock, ska-punk with insertions of reggae, and everything is kept together by the serious frame of the Ukrainian folk root. In short - you should meet them again.
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Haydamaky. Hodi spaty! /digi-pack/. (Stop Sleeping!)

As well as before, music of the native land remains the foundation of the band's creativity. But in the new work, there is significantly more rock heaviness in the sound, and the social, or even rebellious part has turned into a specific feature of the new album by Haydamaky. The call to fight runs through the entire album and is implied in its very title – "Stop Sleeping!"
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Dark Patrick. Rise of the Underworld. /mini-pack/.

..It’s hard to pinpoint exact influences that aptly mirror what Dark Patrick is going for here, though a safe bet would want to include nods to numerous strata of organic electronica, soundtrack ambient, world ethnotronica, psych and trip-hop. Additionally, the band claims some affiliation to the fertile soils of reggae, dub and trance...
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Mad Heads XL. UkrainSKA. /eco-pack/.

The familiar melodies will arise in an updated, sometimes unexpected form, unknown ones will have a chance not to be forgotten. Folk songs in the style of Mad Heads XL, the sound is based on modern ska-punk without clear style limits. Positive, good moods and frantic drive – all the best from Mad Heads XL now in folk songs!
Domestic price: 141.90UAH, International price: $12.90USD

Vopli Vidopliassova. Muzika. /anniversary release, digi-pack/.

"The long expected has finally happened – "VV" has republished its works of the past years. Cult one – you won’t call that anything but that. The album "Muzika" is something considerably more than just a music product or some high-quality goods. This is an idea, embodiment, revolution, hope, and joy, and a thousand of things in one."
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Vopli Vidopliassova. Fayno. /anniversary release, digi-pack/.

Only one thing remains unchanged at each new occurrence of these musicians - it is high quality and power of creativity. This is not a "live" concert, but you may be convinced, that charismatic Oleh Skrypka still can break the internal protective borders of listeners and take them to the next level of feeling and perception.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Haydamaky. Kobzar.

Gaydamaky are one of those groups – that enjoy really loud popularity in Europe. Loud enough to engage in listening to Ukrainian music even those people who have never ever heard about Ukraine before, to say nothing about its music..
Domestic price: 108.90UAH, International price: $9.90USD

Vasyl Lyuty (bojan Zhyvosyl). Orijana. Zhyttja jak je. (Life As It Is)

Well, finally a new disc by the boyan Zhyvosyl – Vasyl Lyuty – has appeared. I think that anyone who had already heard his songs before could not help waiting for something new. There is such force in his texts, and in music – live indeed – that it is almost impossible to listen indifferently, not to get penetrated with it.
Domestic price: 141.90UAH, International price: $12.90USD

Viy. Hata skraju sela. /digi-pack/. (Hut At the Edge of the Village)

"Vij" is one of a few groups that really know how to keep silent. In a qualitative, saturated way. They say little, but to the point – and then silence falls down for a long time. Sometimes, it even causes cold shiver, so many various meanings are hidden there. And sometimes – everything becomes so simple, clear, clean...
Domestic price: 174.90UAH, International price: $15.90USD

Mandry. Lehenda pro Ivanka ta Odarku.

..."Lehenda pro Ivanka ta Odarku" is a collection of fairy tales, legends and stories which "Mandry" spread in front of our reverie eyes as a rich carpet. Some paints are up to a pain native and familiar, others are absolutely not familiar and even exotic...
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Haydamaky. Bohuslav.

..."Haydamaky" in general, and this album of theirs in particular, are characterised by a turbulent energy, you have nothing to do but to be filled with it...
Domestic price: 251.90UAH, International price: $22.90USD

Haydamaky. Haydamaky.

Musicians string traditional Ukrainian, Romanian, African melodies as motley rings on the pivot - rock music. This eclectic and harmonious cocktail has a special invigorative effect.
Domestic price: 251.90UAH, International price: $22.90USD

Reviews (24)

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  , Киев/Гайсин, Украина
16-10-2007 16:02

"Гайдамакам" за их "Перверзію" - ОГРОМНОЕ спасибо!!! До того всей семьёй и просто слушали-наслаждались, и плясали (начиная с полугодовалого племянника до деда), и пели.. супер! Ждём продолжения деятельности этой супергруппы!

  , Montreal, Canada
10-06-2007 17:19

Wonderful album ! Much better engineering of sound quality on this album than previous cds to my ears. Yes , their folk material is the root of what gives them such an interesting flavour even now, for sure. But I don't think they're selling out. They've really evolved into something unique. Check out videos on their myspace link. Awesome. "Kohannia"is very cool.
Would love to see them perform live someday in Ukraine, or better yet if they come to Canada !!!

  rinzay , Dnepr, Ukraine
22-04-2007 15:36

Группа мирового уровня. Этот альбом ещё лучше двух предыдущих.

  Кроткомувець , Київ, Україна
18-02-2007 04:32

просто НЕЙМОВІРНИЙ гурт, і КЛАСНЮЧИЙ альбом!!!

  , Київ, Ukraine
31-08-2006 12:29

Безперечно, один з найкращих українських гуртів.

  Muxaulo , Bilyj bir, Polska
16-07-2006 16:01

it's the best cd what i listen. yesterday i was on haydamak's concert in bytow. They were great

  , boussoit, belgique
23-05-2006 11:12

super super cd perversia excellent

  , Краматорськ, Наша країна
19-05-2006 07:56

Третій альбом сильніше двох попередніх!!!
Такого якісного, вибухового, цікавого за саундом, рівного без провальних треків альбома у минулому році не було.
Це кращий альбом 2005 року, однозначно.
"Під облачком" - найцікавіша версія з тих що я чув.
"Сумний Святий Вечір", "Божественна Тромпіта", "Шіді-Ріді", "Немає Хліба - співай!", "Кохання" - слухаються на одному диханні. Навіть подумалось, що хлопці дарма так неекономно витратили такі вибухові хіти на один альбом, залишили б на наступний )))
В цілому, за 100-бальною школою - 95 !! Порадив би кожному мати.

  , Edmonton, Kanada
19-04-2006 00:15

Exelent, exelent, exelent!!!
I tought that the best Ukrainian band is VV but it is accualy Haydamaky.
One more time EXELENT.

  , Toronto, Canada
23-02-2006 21:13

This is just super. They have managed to out -Haydamaky previous efforts. They have captured the essense and drive of the live performance on Maidan on this CD. It's a new and improved version of the same group with an arrogant swagger, in your face attitude and the guts and talent to make it work. This CD really kicks serious ass. The "take no prisoners" and no apologies style is impossible to miss. They say "This is who we are, this is what we have to say, this is how we say it " and it's your problem if you don't like it.

  , Brentford (West London), England
19-02-2006 21:52

They have moved to a far more rock orientated style of their music, which means much of their previous subtlety is missing from this album. Still a great CD, but I would like them to hold true to their original style, which always was an impressive and well-crafted fusion between Hutsul folk music, SKA and rock. Don't sell out, guys!

  Julia , Germany
18-02-2006 17:47

Haydamaky-Live:14-02-2006. Dortmund (FZW), Deutschland:
То було просто WELTKLASSE, Mega-Файно! Гайдамаків треба бачити live!

  , Kryvyy Rih, Ukraine
13-02-2006 05:16

Garna diska, kruto zroblina. Good luck 2 u all
Great job, the most important thing is not 2 give up

  , Bletchley, England
11-02-2006 15:30

This is brilliant, Haydamaky really do this stuff well. I wish I could see them live, but I live a long way away! Enjoy!

  Ігор Гальчевський , Київ, Україна
10-02-2006 19:12

Гарний альбом, попрацювали на славу. Одразу помітно нове звучання на відміну від попередніх.
Кожний альбом значно відрізняється від іншого не тільки тим що кожен раз музика стає якіснішою, але й відчувається новий подих, нові мотиви і зміна стилю. Може хлопці експерементують або шукають свій стиль, але те до чого вони вже дійшли мене дійсно захопило.