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Mandry. Romansero Pro Nizhnu Korolevu. 2nd edition. (Romansero about the Tender Queen)

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Mandry. Romansero Pro Nizhnu Korolevu. 2nd edition. (Romansero about the Tender Queen)
(item from the "Rare Discs" section)
They say it is not by chance that Foma with his musicians repeatedly played music in the streets of Kyiv. Listen he conveys the true urban slang, this is exactly the Kyiv Ukrainian language, moreover as it was in the early twentieth century. And the songs are very skillfully stylized as the urban chanson of that time, both humorous and lyrical simultaneously, melodic and somewhat impertinent. In these songs, there is something of Babel's Odessa, but softer, more fragile, vulnerable. These are times of open trams and yoot in wide trousers and large caps, shy beauties and noble thieves, parasols and the restless Podil. This is a suggestion of a trip you cannot give up while the last romantic smiles within you.

This is the second edition of the album. In contrast to the first edition, is has simpliest design but has two video clips for the PC on a CD.

Publisher: Lavina Music

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1.  Hoholja
2.  Romansero Pro Nizhnu Korolevu
3. Mp3Dochka Mel'nyka
4. Mp3Rjaba Kobyla
5.  Kartata Sorochka
6.  Rizdv'jana Nich
7.  Jalynka
8.  Virujte
9.  Dumy
10. Mp3Choven
11.  Staryj Shynok
12.  Tanok
13.  Orysja
14.  Staryj Shynok (staryj val's-shanson)
15.  Amore Mio
16.  Romansero Pro Nizhnu Korolevu
17.  Kartata Sorochka
 Total playing time: 53:30

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Reviews (2)

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