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Propala Hramota. Honor. (Pride)

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Propala Hramota. Honor. (Pride)
The first album by Propala Hramota, "Tseyvo", no doubt became one of the most interesting Ukrainian releases of 2007. Well, and "Pride", it seems, has all chances to become one of the best albums of 2009 – even though it was released at the beginning of March, that is long before the end of the year. As a whole, when I first saw the cover I thought that the album was to be acid-funk-folk one. It is something like that: acid-funk reveals itself in the polygraph (which, by the way, contains as an addition a set of unordinary stickers by Oleksandr "Leonaut" Gutsal) and the atmosphere of the bonus tracks, and funk-folk – in the very musical palette of "Pride". I would not like to speak here in a lot of detail about features of separate songs, about the ability to combine the green with the hot, and the fretted with the tart – it will be sufficient to say that these specific features have acquired even more expressive outlines from the times of the debut disc. Propala Hramota boldly creates modern folklore – do not be too lazy to listen to the lyrics, this is a really important decoration of every song. Pavlo Nechytailo, as the author of the majority of the texts, is able to look deeper behind the suds of a shallow wave and to tell stories of today so that it seems that they exist beyond the restrictions of time. Worthy ability – for roots of all stories of the world live not in time really. Probably, for this reason both folk songs look so organic in the fabric of this musical narrative ("The Adopted", "Karmalyuk"), and the lyrics by Hrygory Skovoroda ("Lying in the Coffin"). That is, it is not only about a certain music language – but also about that common space that is opened through the words by Nechytailo. Wide space.

Publisher: Taras Bulba Entertainment
Catalogue number: TBE-2-037
Year: 2009

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Propala Hramota

Domestic price: 208.60UAH
International price: $14.90USD
1.  Ne bachu
2. Mp3Sova
3.  Okhrannik
4. Mp3Lezhysh vo hrobi
lyrics: H. Skovoroda
5. Mp3Titan
6.  Etnopalm
7. Mp3Pryymak
8.  Karmaljuk
9. Mp3S namy Boh
10. Mp3Kyrpata vesna
11.  Na dakhu budynku
12.  Chayka (remiks Fedi Khivrycha)
13.  Kudy (remiks Busha)
14.  Misjats‘ (remiks Vorozhdnja)
 Total playing time: 60:35

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