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Smoliy V., Stepankov V. Bohdan Khmelnytsky. The Socio-Political Portrait. /third edition, revised/.

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"On substantial documentary basis, the authors track the key milestones of the life path of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, show the circumstances that conditioned formation of his worldview and value orientations, influenced his political choice. The hetman, state founder, political figure, war leader, diplomat, human – all of these hypostases of his are illuminated on pages of the book. The figure and activity of B.Khmelnytsky is described against the extensive historical background, in which dozens of historical figures live and think, whose fate in some way interlaces with the fate of the founder and ruler of the Ukrainian Cossack state."

Research edition.

In Ukrainian.

Type of the edition: hard binding in dust-cover

Format: 168x238 mm

Number of pages: 680

Publisher: Tempora, Kyiv


- Vstup

Rozdil 1. Bohdan Khmel‘nyts‘kyy v otsinkakh suchasnykiv ta istorykiv

Rozdil 2. Vybir doli

Rozdil 3. Pershi peremohy

Rozdil 4. Vyzvolennja Ukrajiny

Rozdil 5. Volodar kozats‘koji Ukrajiny

Rozdil 6. U vyri derzhavnykh problem

Rozdil 7. Berestets‘ka katastrofa

Rozdil 8. Triumfal‘na Batoz‘ka peremoha

Rozdil 9. U tenetakh heopolitychnoji pastky

Rozdil 10. Mizh dvokh vohniv

Rozdil 11. U poshukakh vykhodu z hlukhoho kuta

- Vykorystani dzherela i literatura

- Imennyy pokazhchyk

Publisher: Tempora
Catalogue number: ISBN 9789668201769
Year: 2009

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