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Levko Durko. L‘vivs‘ka khata. (Lviv Hut)

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Levko Durko. L‘vivs‘ka khata. (Lviv Hut)
Levko Durko, as usual, does not limit himself to just collecting enough songs for an album and releasing it. As he says himself, songs do not come to him upon request – an impulse from outside is needed. Some event, a funny scene, conversation or even simply a word – and only then songs appear quite independently. Thus, as you see, not one by one, but in real thematic cycles. And, as ever, Levko Durko not just sings, but – does not miss the opportunity to laugh a good deal at what has happened to attract his attention this time. The name of the album hints: this time he will laugh at his countrymen – and at the same time at all inhabitants of Ukrainian cities with all these problems one is sick and tired of. He does not touch peasants currently… However, the majority of the hernias mocked at by Levko Durko are so hurting and so characteristic of absolutely everyone that they often hurt regardless of the place of residence. Therefore, it is quite possible that the Lviv Hut is a not a house in Lviv, as we first thought, but the house of Levko Durko... Then everything finds its place here – that is, the merry mess living on the disc in such case looks quite natural. Actually, our country does not let a person having the sense of humor to stay sad, bored – and Levko Durko is a prime example of such impossibility.

Publisher: Gal Records
Catalogue number: GAL 0212
Year: 2007

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Levko Durko

Domestic price: 138.60UAH
International price: $9.90USD
1.  L‘vivst‘ka khata
2. Mp3Paljana
3. Mp3Svjatkova podatkova
4.  Na vsjak vypadok
5.  Rybachok
6.  Myslyvs‘ka balada
7. Mp3Teshchi – Viynu!
8. Mp3Hryzha
9.  Veselyy chas
10.  Vahonchyky
11.  Oy!
12. Mp3Maniak
13.  Den‘ narodzhennja
14.  No problem
 Total playing time: 49:39

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