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Collection "Jazz-Kolo, 2nd season. Bass". 3 CDs.

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Collection "Jazz-Kolo, 2nd season. Bass". 3 CDs.

Publisher: Tempora

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This set consists of:
Bass Kolo. /digi-pack/
This series sets the goal of creating a sort of a reference book of Ukrainian jazz musicians – grouping them by spheres of professionalization. Actually, the first disc of the new series is focused on the bass – both the bass guitar and the contrabass. At that, this time these are already studio, not concert recordings.
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Bass kolo live. (2CD). /digi-pack/
..this evening interesting and even to some extent unexpected "specialized" combinations popped up unexpectedly – as, for example, the bass guitar plus contrabass, the acoustic bass plus the 8-string one, and so on, to say nothing about the last performance of the concert – a piece performed by all bass musicians involved.
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