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U koli druziv. Jazz-kolo live. (In the Circle of Friends)

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U koli druziv. Jazz-kolo live. (In the Circle of Friends)
It is not a secret that far not everybody likes "potpourris", as often at such concerts you hardly manage to hear/feel one artist, as another one takes the floor – and so it goes on. But pleasant exceptions happen – and the new disc by Jazz-Kolo project deserves exactly this approach. The more so that this concert for closing the first season brought together jazzmen, practically each of whom is regarded as one of the best in the country. That does not mean that absolutely all the pieces represented here sounded perfect and mighty – maybe, it just never happens so in such cases. But the concert inspired for listening to it at one go – that is true. Colors permanently change, mix up, sometimes in quite strange directions – for some musicians migrate from one team to another, practically never leaving the scene. As a result, there arises absolutely warm, friendly, "private" atmosphere – curiously combining the sense of the large scene and, at the same time, the feeling of an almost family jam in a small club. At a certain moment it becomes so comfortable that the scene and the audience form a common circle – it is not by chance that the disc got the name "In the Circle of Friends". Actually, Jazz-Kolo project has again completely justified its name, and that evening everybody was feeling warm in the concert hall – at least, I personally did not notice any cold glance after the concert. However, I was then sitting in the front row) To make it short, listen to the music – and, on occasion, make sure to visit the concert.

In the concert, there took part:

- Ovsyanikov-Eresko Super Band

- acoustic electric quartet of Rodion Ivanov

- duet, trio of Natalia Lebedeva

- Yuliya Roma "Night Groove"

- Kaktus Fresh

- Igor Zakus "Z-Band"

Publisher: Comp music
Catalogue number: 5226022
Year: 2008

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1.  Morning After (Ovsianikov & Yeresko Band)
music: comp. S. Ovsjanykov, arr. I. Jeres‘ko
2. Mp3Silver Blues (Ovsianikov & Yeresko Band)
music: comp. S. Ovsjanykov, arr. I. Jeres‘ko
3.  Another Day With You
music: R. Ivanov
4. Mp3Spring/Dzherelo
music: R. Ivanov
5. Mp3All the Things You Need (Nataliya Lebedeva Ensemble)
music: N. Lebedjeva
6.  Al Claps (Nataliya Lebedeva Ensemble)
music: N. Lebedjeva
7. Mp3On the Wings Of Songs (Yuliya Roma)
music: Ju. Roma
8.  People (Yuliya Roma)
music: Ju. Roma
9. Mp3Gagarin
music: Ju. Koynichenko
10.  Double Fresh (Nataliya Lebedeva Ensemble)
music: N. Lebedjeva
11. Mp3Znovu pid vrazhennjam (Z-Band, Igor Zakus)
music: I. Zakus
12.  U koli druziv (Igor Zakus, Z-Band)
music: I. Zakus
 Total playing time: 79:40

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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Reviews (1)

  , Житомир, Україна
09-09-2008 21:00

Це просто океан легкості, спокою, гармонії та дійсно відпочинку.
Слухаєш душу, а в поєднанні з серпневими зоряними ночами та вересневими ранніми вечорами та гарячим шоколадом отримується неймовірно ймовірне поєднання відчуття краси та легко-ніжного дотику до неї...
Що ж до музики, то переконує якість й злиття шелесту думок в кожному теплому звуці, польоті фантазійних акордиків і неочікуваних вишуканих високих злетів духових )