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Vitalij Kozlovs'kyj. Krasota-razluka. (Separation Beauty)

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Vitalij Kozlovs'kyj. Krasota-razluka. (Separation Beauty)
Young, talented, attractive at least, for girls and, as we are assured of again, hard working and efficient. All this is him Vitaly Kozlovsky. In relation to young performers, speculations about the second album crisis, etc. are usually actual. He goes beyond this pattern. The third album in three years a serious argument. And we should not forget that the first two discs very quickly acquired the status of "golden" ones who else of the young can boast such a lightning-quick take-off? And, obviously, he keeps on working on himself actually, quite often they already mention diligence of Vitaly Kozlovsky as an example for other young performers. Well, and this album, in addition to the usual pleasant things, includes two small surprises. First, here Vitaly for the first time has tested himself as the author of music and lyrics pay attention to the song "I Remember". And, second, you will hardly miss the song "You Know". Even if one does not know that it is composed based on a poem by I.Franko, it is quite obvious that it does not resemble the other ones, the performer even mentions this himself. And it is difficult to disagree with him. And, in general, Vitaly Kozlovsky is maturing swiftly, gaining experience and the changes become clearer, more expressive.
songs are in Russian, Ukrainian.

Publisher: Astra Records
Year: 2007

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Vitalij Kozlovs'kyj

Domestic price: 144.20UAH
International price: $10.30USD
1.  Intro
2. Mp3Krasota-razluka
3.  Dumay lysh o tom
4. Mp3Znajesh
5.  Zalyshy meni
6.  Ty khotela
7. Mp3Povilno
8.  Ne moja
9.  Vtoma
10. Mp3Hde-to daleko
11. Mp3Zhaduju
12.  Kazanova
13.  Krasota-razluka remix
14.  Lebed-zyma
 Total playing time: 47:52

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Vitalij Kozlovs'kyj. Nerozhadani sny. the voice intonations one can hear both youth, and some kind of persevering naivety, softness of feelings. Thus, Vitaly has not rejected romanticism thats good. And the music, having become somewhat different, has remained light thats also good.
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Reviews (5)

  , Hamilton, ON, Canada
04-10-2010 03:45

Vitaliy Kozlovskiy is my favourite singer and I thourougly enjoyed this CD.
He has a magical voice that helps me feel better anytime. Thank you.

  , peja, kosova
03-04-2009 11:08

an excelent think for an excelent artist

11-04-2008 20:45

" ."
, - - . =)))

  , rohaten, ukraina
28-03-2008 21:17

previt. tu molodez

  , UK
30-12-2007 18:14

An excelent album from a very talented artist.