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Victor Morozov, Batiar-band "Halychyna". Chudovyi son. Bohdan Vesolovsky songs. /digi-pack/. (Beautiful Dream)

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Victor Morozov, Batiar-band "Halychyna". Chudovyi son. Bohdan Vesolovsky songs. /digi-pack/. (Beautiful Dream)
It is not the first time when Viktor Morozov contributes into a small miracle of renaissance. This time – having recorded with BB "Halychyna" the retro album of songs by Bohdan Vesolovsky, a legend of Lviv light music of the first half of the 20th century. Although a little bit less than 100 years have passed – the lightness and enchantment have not been lost (it is no accident that Skrypka released "Dahlia" a few years ago) – on the contrary, now this music is gaining new momentum. For, among other things, it is another evidence of how open and contemporary the Ukrainian urban culture could be in the European context – even in such a seemingly frivolous genre. Vesolovsky's songs are another sign of that the present Ukrainian actuality does not come from a vacuum. We still do not know everything – and the subconscious intuition has it its own way by constructing chains of non-obvious connections (take Erko, for example). So one wants to know. Well, and also these songs are just moments of volatile, brittle beauty released from the amber trap of the past to show us: time is never the past, if you do your business with love. Although volatile – it happens, of course..

Publisher: MO Productions
Catalogue number: MOCD-10
Year: 2018

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Batiar-band "Halychyna"
Victor Morozov

Domestic price: 141.90UAH
International price: $12.90USD
1. Mp3Beautiful Dream (Chudovyy son)
2.  A Girl As Sweet As Candy (Bula divchyna, jak tsukorok)
3. Mp3How Can I Not Love You (Jak tebe ne ljubyty)
4.  When the Sun Sets (Jak zayde sontse)
5. Mp3Is It Really True? (Chy spravdi?)
6.  Don't Fool With Love (Ty z ljubovy sobi ne zhartuy)
7. Mp3Hi-Ho (Hey-ha)
8.  There'll Come a Time (Pryyde shche chas)
9. Mp3Fly, My Lonely Song (Lety, tuzhlyva pisne)
10.  Play For Me (Zahray meni)
11. Mp3Paraska
12.  Good Night, My Love (Dobranich, kokhana)
13. Mp3Longing (Tuha)
14.  A Romantic Adventure (Pryhoda)
15. Mp3All My Life (Use moje zhyttja)
16. Mp3You Will Return (Verneshsja)
17.  All My Dreams (Vsi moji mriji)
18.  It's Too Late (Bulo ne tuzhyty)
19. Mp3Do You Know? (Chy znajesh ty?)
20.  Charm of the Carpathians (Char Karpats‘kykh hir)
21.  I'd Fall in Love with You (Radyy by ja zaljubytys‘ v tobi)
22.  Every Time (Kozhnyy raz)
 Total playing time: 66:54

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