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Kost' Yerofeyev. Lehioner. Dorohamy viyny ta kohannya.

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Kost' Yerofeyev. Lehioner. Dorohamy viyny ta kohannya.

Soft and pure baritone of Kost' Yerofeyev and not uniform arrangement - more than 20 musical instruments, both modern, and traditional were used. Due to this and, not in the last instance, due to skill of musicians, music of CD is rich and florid. This nostalgic, shrill - romantic mood, the musician balances on thin borders between authentic, folk and a city romance. In front of listener's eyes there are steppes, the high sky - and, at the same time, figures of officers in interiors, who sing for their magic ladies at the time of infrequent rest. In these songs there are thirst of will, and a transparent kiss at parting, that romanticism which sometimes does not suffice now. Listen to the CD "Rutenia. Desyat' rokiv potomu...", which was recorded by the same talent musicians.

Publisher: Tempora

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Kost' Yerofeyev

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1. Mp3Za horoju hora
2. Mp3Sche koni z Buhu vodu ne pyly
3. Mp3Pane polkovnyku
4. Mp3Tango
5.  Ja - kruk
6.  Oj, rozbyto charu
7.  Marsh lehioneriv
8.  Zazhura
9. Mp3Misto
10.  A na dvori dosch
11. Mp3Nich purpurovyh vohniv
12.  De zh ty dole chornokryla
13.  Nich zasyna, jak koshenja
14.  Bonus: Tango (instrumental'na versija)
 Total playing time: 62:36

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Audio cassette/ ..This is, without exaggeration, a legendary album. And it was not even about the list of the project's authors.. The album was first released in 2000 – and it was perhaps the first collection of insurgents' songs in modern arrangements in Ukraine. And it still, in my opinion, remains the best one.
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Reviews (5)

  , Львів, Україна
05-07-2009 21:06

Випадково почутий уривок з Я - крук залишався в пам'яті два роки. Про такі голоси кажуть - запав у душу. Раджу всім.

  Вова , Київ
31-08-2008 23:01

"...ти не прокинешся живий,
а ніч глуха, хоч вовком вий..."
Вічна пам'ять тобі, друже.
Дуже сумно... дуже

  , Київ
23-03-2007 14:52

Ми виростали з цими піснями. З ними йшли битися з міліцією. З цими піснями на плеєрі ми захоплювали корпуси університету.

  , Київ, Україна
24-01-2007 13:57

Приємні пісні, досить оригінально.

  , Київ, Україна
10-12-2006 17:50

Гарний альбом і гарний голос.