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Bass kolo live. (DVD).

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Bass kolo live. (DVD).
Video version of the concert project "Bass kolo".
This concert became, probably, the most striking one in the second season of the project Jazz-Kolo. Clear thing, the contrabass and bass guitar are the instruments, whose specific sounding charms millions of people all over the world. And not only fans of jazz – even though it is in this music that, perhaps, their depth and richness are revealed most fully. But the point is that the mini festival Bass Kolo took place in an experimental way. While during previous concerts, different compositions just changed each other successively on the stage, this evening interesting and even to some extent unexpected "specialized" combinations popped up unexpectedly – as, for example, the bass guitar plus contrabass, the acoustic bass plus the 8-string one, and so on, to say nothing about the last performance of the concert – a piece performed by all bass musicians involved (plus drums). No doubt, this sort of the project's format looks surprisingly successful. First, such original, "jam" atmosphere creates a space of more direct communication with the audience – not only allows enjoying interesting music but also truly intrigues with probable surprises, therefore it thrills considerably deeper. Well, and second, in such improvised combinations universal expressiveness of the instrument opens up to its full – and some new aspects of musicians' mastery show up brightly. Thus, I strongly recommend it – especially since there just were no such releases in Ukraine before.

Video format - PAL.

DVD Region: 1-8.

Kostiantyn Ionenko – bass guitar (1,2,13)
Yury Tolstolutsky – 8-string bass (1,11,12,13)
Valentyn Kornienko – double bass (3,4,13)
Maxim Gladetsky – double bass (5,6,10,13)
Mykola Kisteniov – el. double bass (7), bass guitar (8,13)
Igor Zakus – acoustic bass (1,9,11,12), fretless bass (5,10,13), bass guitar (8)
Natalia Lebedeva – piano (2,10), keyboards (12)
Illya Yeresko – piano (4)
Pavlo Shepeta – piano (6)
Rodion Ivanov – keyboards (10), piano (12)
Dmitro Kovalenko – guitar (7)
Bohdan Gumeniuk – tenor sax (7)
Artem Mendelenko – alto sax (9,12)
Alex Fantaev – drums (1,2,3,10)
Oleg Markov – drums (4,7,9,11,12,13)
Valery Volkov – drums (6)

Publisher: Tempora
Catalogue number: AR 053-08
Year: 2009

Domestic price: 214.20UAH
International price: $15.30USD
1.  Deep Dive (K. Ionenko, Ju. Tolstoluts‘kyy, (Igor Zakus)
2.  Sect (Kostjantyn Ionenko)
3.  Song for Cha (Valentyn Kornijenko)
4.  The Message (Valentyn Kornijenko)
5.  Remembrance (M. Hladets‘kyy, (Igor Zakus)
6.  Secret Joy (Maksym Hladets‘kyy)
7.  Late Night Home Coming (Mykola Kisten‘ov)
8.  We're Heading The Same Way (M. Kisten‘ov, (Igor Zakus)
9.  Pid oblachkom (Igor Zakus)
10.  Dusha (M. Hladets‘kyy, (Igor Zakus)
11.  Folium (Ju. Tolstoluts‘kyy, (Igor Zakus)
12.  The Bolt (Ju. Tolstoluts‘kyy, (Igor Zakus)
13.  Bass Was Here (M. Hladets‘kyy, Ju. Tolstoluts‘kyy, K. Ionenko, V. Kornijenko, M. Kisten‘ov, (Igor Zakus)
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Collection "Jazz-Kolo. Bass-vision". CD+DVD.

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