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Dmytro Malakov. Horodecki. Vyklyk budivnychoho. /the album/. (The Architect's Challenge)

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"The album is dedicated to the architectural heritage of the Kyiv genius of the early twentieth century Wladislaw Horodecki. Back then, the artist was already confronting the pragmatic approach to changing Kyiv's architectural image. The architect worked with various historical styles, but he still generates the perception of a visual surprise. Each of his constructions is a peculiar world that lets the viewer into the extraordinary dimension of the world, as it decodes the memory of different eras and styles. Horodecki's creative method is for the first time not only described, but also analyzed."
In Ukrainian.
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 230x320 mm
Number of pages: 176, illustrated publication
Publisher: Grani-T, Kyiv

1. Kyjiv 90-kh rokiv XIX stolittja

2. Budynok z levamy. (Khudozhno-promyslovyy ta naukovyy muzey imperatora Mykoly II. Natsionalnyy khudozhni muzey Ukrajiny)

3. Kenasa. (Karajimska kenasa. Budynok aktora)

4. Mykolajivskyy kostel. (Kostel Svjatoho Mykolaja. Budynok orhannoji ta kamernoji muzyky)

5. Budynok z khymeramy. (Bankivska, 10. Derzhavna rezydentsija Prezydenta Ukrajiny)

6. Vidlunnja:

- U prostori mista

- U sviti vtilen

- U chasi zhyttja

7. Zhyttjepys

8 Pisljamova:

- Serhiy Krymsky: Kyiv Horodetskoho (in Ukrainian)

- Serhiy Krymskyi: Kyiv by Horodetskyi (in English)

Publisher: Grani-T
Catalogue number: ISBN 9789664651339
Year: 2008

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Dmytro Malakov

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Reviews (1)

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