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Songs of Volodymyr Ivasjuk. Part 1. Pisnja bude pomizh nas.

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Songs of Volodymyr Ivasjuk. Part 1. Pisnja bude pomizh nas.

These discs may be meant in the first place for those who have a good memory for good impressions. Most probably because there are hardly any people, in whom Volodymyr Ivasyuk’s songs would not arouse other than good feelings. For those who have already visited our web-site, these discs present another possibility to compare, as earlier we called your attention to Volodymyr Ivasyuk’s songs in adaptation of Taras Chubai and his friends. But then it was rock. Now it is, so to speak, a classical performance. These songs were first heard from the stage and in the air in the same form as at these discs. It is exactly in such a form that millions of people heard them for the first time and came to love them. As it is well known, not only in Ukraine. It is quite understandable that the performers play a very important role, too. At this disc you will hear young Sofia Rotaru, Nazariy Yaremchuk, Alla Kudlai and others. The list is very long, as there are two discs, two hours of reminiscences, smiles and various things of a kind nature. Because it is our Volodymyr Ivasyuk. Because it is good.

The songs recorded tens years ago are presented on a compact disc. That's why sound quality is not ideal sometimes.

Publisher: Franchising records

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1. Mp3Pisnja bude pomizh nas (Nazariy Yaremchuk)
2.  Chervona ruta (Nazariy Yaremchuk)
3.  Vodohraj (Nazariy Yaremchuk)
4.  Tanho bez vidpovidi (Alla Kudlay)
5.  Lysh raz cvite ljubov (Sofija Rotaru)
6. Mp3Zaprosy mene u sny (Nazariy Yaremchuk)
7.  Vernys' iz spohadiv (Lilija Sandulesa)
8.  Kapeljuh (VIE "Smerichka")
9.  Vidlunnja tvojih krokiv (L. Nevzhljad)
10.  Ja pidu v daleki hory (L. Vidash)
11. Mp3Balada pro dvi skrypky (Pysanka Duo)
12.  Balada pro mal'vy (Sofija Rotaru)
13.  Kalyna prymorozhena (Trio bandurystok)
14.  Rozhdenye dnja (L. Artemenko)
15. Mp3Koly ja dumaju pro tebe (Je. Zubko)
16.  U doli svoja vesna (L. Mihjlenko)
17.  Dva persteni (Nazariy Yaremchuk)
 Total playing time: 61:38

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Reviews (2)

  Сергій , Сімферополь
12-10-2005 12:47

Дякую всім, кому прийшла у голову думка створити такий нет-магазин. Дякую за асортимент, за такі прекрасні диски, що є у Вас у продажу. Продукція якісна, надходить у строк. А про цей диск... Ця музика нагадує про саме найголовніше, про сокровенне, про вічне. Музика, що плине із глибини душі. Дякую. Дуже.

  Фетисов Леонид , Одесса
19-04-2005 00:37

Я заказал на этом сайте два диска с песнями Ивасюка. Они прибыли в срок и получены без проблем. За это я очень благодарен администрации сайта.
Сами диски хорошо оформлены и отличного качества. Еще раз благодарю!