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Borshch. Parazita Kusok.

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Borshch. Parazita Kusok.
Fortunately, it still happens so – something starts as a joke, entertainment, glorious attraction, and very soon it turns into something bright and well-known. That is what occurred to "Borshch" – a couple of years ago this project appeared as an opportunity to have fun, let out steam and to earn a bit extra money. Today it is one of the best club guest performers of the country, however, capable of not less wonderful work at large scenes as well. Moreover, the guys have already had time to earn quite a respected name abroad. And it is not surprising – in their music, there is so much vigorous, reckless energy that nobody is able to remain sitting calmly during their performance, everybody gets charged with movement. (It is good that "Borshch" does not perform in cemeteries...) And not just with movement. Each performance of the group is just a violent throw out of superfluous emotions, ideas, impulses from within each listener. And, however surprising it might appear, – a powerful generator of calm. However, it is special calm – after such vigorous tension, it is not that you do not want anything, but simply you have no force to want something. This kind of bliss of happy weariness is, you should agree, an irreplaceable thing. Well, and, in addition, it is a pleasure to specify that the quality of "Borshch" material constantly improves. It has resulted in that on this album practically all songs are potential (and a few of them have already become actual) hits. In one interview the guys said that at the beginning of their work on the album, they had a couple of favorite songs – but then they could not just single out anything separate. They now like everything. And I really understand them.
Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Moon records
Catalogue number: MR 1638-2
Year: 2006

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Domestic price: 194.60UAH
International price: $13.90USD
1.  Piece Of Shit (Parazita kusok)
2. Mp3Rigoletto (Ryholjetto)
3. Mp3Eminem Enima (Eminema nema)
4.  Police! (Milicija!)
5.  Girl's Muchacha (Divchacha muchacha)
6.  Morecambe (Karolyna buhaz)
7. Mp3The Golden Calf (Zolote telja)
8.  Dosh (Bablo)
9.  Pumping Iron (Himnastyka)
10.  Dish Of the Day (Bljudo dnja)
11.  Annie (Handzja)
12. Mp3Our Soul Music (Pidozrila muzyka)
13.  Coming Down (Ja ljetjel)
14.  ?
 Total playing time: 50:01

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Reviews (5)

25-01-2011 00:07

I was pleasantly surprised. Delivery took a little longer than I was hoping, but that was do to the fact it was comming from overseas.

The CD itself was brand spanking new, and sounded great. I will definatly purchase more from here!

  , Бар, Ukraine
15-04-2010 22:02

Крутой альбом..Это не В.В...
Чумовые тексты..Несмотря на напористый панковский стиль музыки..почему-то расслабляет такая музыка конкретно..
Получил массу удовольствия и от альбома PADLO...
Одним словом СЛУШАТЬ ВСЕМ...=)

  , Lausanne, CH
26-06-2007 23:08

"Паразита Кусок" просто чумовейший альбом! Каждый должен иметь :)

  Ne i щі , Київ, Україна
09-12-2006 21:47

П'ятниця-п'яниця, удома не сидиться,
Усюди лунає веселе "наливай!"(05)
Вже на вечір від мене
Заховали все спиртне(04)
Третя чарка самогону мене не бере(10)
Дехто ночує де п'є(08)
А потім в закладах нічних закладує,
Багато п'є,
Фужери б'є,
У казіно майно пробухує моє.(01)
А я серед ночі слухаю Генделя і бухаю,
А я серед ночі слухаю Брамса і випиваю(03)
Я опускался все более низко(13)
Made in BORSHCH"Parazita kusok"

  Степанов В.
18-11-2006 20:58

Kusok of Parazita-альбом який неможливо слухати щодня,та за формою це правдивий шедевр!!!