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Stefan Nederytsa. Digestive System Rehabilitation. "The Book of the Living" Series.

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Stefan Nederytsa. Digestive System Rehabilitation. "The Book of the Living" Series.
"Before conducting my first music therapy session aimed at treatment of the digestive system, for two weeks I listened daily to various classical Music, but could never identify the piece that would effectively cope with this task, until I listened to "Slavic Dance" No.10 by A. Dvorak... When listening to this work, it seems that the response to the perennial question about the breadth and singularity of the Slavic soul is concentrated in it. Impulsive, irrepressible, with a dizzying cascade of ups and downs. It cannot be otherwise. After all, feelings of the soul pour over the edge, as well as this Divine Music. As you may have guessed, this piece heals the Soul, which, being healthy, supports the Body in a healthy state. Listening to Dvorak, I feel my Soul recover, revive...

I recommend listening to pieces from number six through nine while cooking and eating. Why? More information on the disc and in the mini-book (booklet) that comes in a set with the disc." Stepan Nederitsa

Publisher: author
Year: 2009

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Stefan Nederytsa

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1. Mp3Dyvertysment ¹ 4
2.  "Val‘s kvitiv" iz baletu "Luskunchyk"
3. Mp3Sonata dlja fortepiano ¹ 3 "Patetychna", ch.2
4.  Val‘s z symfonichnoji poemy "Zametil‘"
5. Mp3"Slov'jans‘ki tantsi". Tanets‘ ¹ 10
6.  "Dobre temperovanyy klavir". Preljudija Do mazhor
7. Mp3"Romantyka". op.36
8.  Noktjurn ¹ 2
9. Mp3Kontsert dlja truby z orkestrom
10.  "Pisljapoludnevyy vidpochynok favna". Preljudija
11.  Misjachne svitlo
12.  Kolyskova
 Total playing time: 65:37

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