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Stefan Nederytsa. Slavic Soul. Restoration of the endocrine system (humoral regulation).

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Stefan Nederytsa. Slavic Soul. Restoration of the endocrine system (humoral regulation).
"Humoral regulation is coordination of vital processes of the organism carried through the body's fluids (blood, lymph, and the tissue fluid) by special substances – hormones. Hormones are biologically active substances secreted by endocrine glands and having a targeted effect on other organs and tissues. When creating this unique CD, with such an unusual title, I relied on the energy information doctrine by Dr. Konovalov. The doctor says that the major impact on the thyroid gland (as well as other internal secretion organs) is exercised by our mood! Diet and other factors retreat to the background compared with the destructive power of the ever-changing mood, negative thinking, etc.

That's why I decided that it is music by Slavic composers that can help us to maintain smooth, positive, happy moods. If we learn that, hormones will follow..." Stepan Nederytsa

Publisher: author
Year: 2012

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Stefan Nederytsa

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1. Mp3Val‘s z baletu "Spljacha krasunja" (more i chayky)
music: P.Tchaikovsky
2.  "Poema" (ptakhy bych i sorokopud)
music: Z. Fibich
3. Mp3"Vokaliz" (zvuky khurtovyny i dzvony)
music: S.Rakhmaninov
4.  Tanets‘ komediantiv z opery "Prodana narechena"
music: B.Smetana
5. Mp3"Melodija" fa mazhor (zvuky doshchu, hromu)
music: A.Rubinstein
6.  "Svitanok na Moskvi-richtsi" (zvuky svitanku v seli)
music: M.Musorgsky
7. Mp3Romans z kinofil‘mu "Ovid" (konyky)
music: D.Shostakovich
8.  "Etjud ¹12 op.8"
music: A.Skriabin
9. Mp3"Shekherezada" op.35 (more, chayky)
music: N.Rimsky-Korsakov
10.  "Humoreska" (lirokhvist ta ivolha)
music: A.Dvorak
11. Mp3"Kantsonetta" (chornyy drizd)
music: P.Tchaikovsky
12.  "Florentiys‘kyy marsh"
music: J.Fucik
13.  "Pam'jat‘" (Dmitry Krasnoukhov)
14.  "Romans" (zvuky khurtovyny)
music: G.Sviridov
15.  Pory roku, "Kviten‘" (doshch)
music: P.Tchaikovsky
16.  "Triyka" (zvuky triyky)
music: G.Sviridov
 Total playing time: 79:16

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