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Yuri Andrukhovych. Kokhantsi Yustytsii. (Lovers of Justice)
Andrukhovych. Lovers of Justice
Domestic: 238.93UAH
International: $21.92USD
"AgiaDimitra" male choir. Kolyada. /digi-pack/. (The Christmas Carol)
a holiday in the heart
Domestic: 140.83UAH
International: $12.92USD
LBB. Lemko Bluegrass Band. /digi-pack/.
Carpathian bluegrass
Domestic: 140.83UAH
International: $12.92USD
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Ukrainian Gothic Vol. 1.

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Ukrainian Gothic Vol. 1.

Of course, if you know what "The Sisters of Mercy" is, it may seem that you know everything about Gothic in music, or if not everything, than the main thing. May be, it is so, I am not sure. You will find more detailed finger prints on this topic in booklet to this disk. My personal prints are on the cold glass of the night window, and my eyes are bigger than the window, the colours of a rainbow shimmer in the black sky. You can’t see those colours now. What do we know about genuine fog? What do we know about genuine silver? Do we know about our soul the same way our soul knows us? Do we take care of the soul?

Komu Vnyz, Skryabin, Pirata band, Yulia Lord and a lot more people – is it strange that they are all here? You see, they and suchlike people are looking for purity and light, plunging into the deepest darkness. No, not angels. Just lonely travellers. Who, unlike the majority, recognize this essence in themselves. And they go. And they blaze cold fire which warms only those who go. Oh, my God! Who is blazing on that hill? May be, it is me? Maybe, not me?

See also: Ukrainian Gothic Portal

Publisher: Atlantic
Year: 2003

Domestic price: 221.05UAH
International price: $20.28USD
1.  Klenovyj vohon' (tryzub mix) (Komu Vnyz)
2. Mp3Klej (goth mix) (Skryabin)
3. Mp3Julija (Pirata Band)
4.  Invisible (Dust Heaven)
5.  Stay (Vinky)
6. Mp3Lullaby (Daleko)
7.  Fairy tale (Gray/Scale)
8.  Lira (Komu Vnyz)
9.  Ukrainian Gothic (Dollheads)
10.  Kvita (Kotra)
11.  Yes (Audi Sile)
12.  Apocalypse of Artim (Nameless)
13.  Boat (cold fear mix) (Vinky)
14. Mp3Moesta et arrabunda (Malen'ki Zvirjata Sufiny)
15.  Dirty like an angel/photo (Skryabin, Ulia Lord)
16.  Nava (live) (Komu Vnyz)
17.  To fall (Inferno)
18.  Le fleur de mal (cut flower version) (In Meditarium)
 Total playing time: 75:17

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 221.05UAH
International price: $20.28USD
See also:

Tin Sontsya. Tanets' sertsia. (Heart Dance).

"Heart Dance", perhaps, has become one of the most anticipated Ukrainian albums in this direction for the last couple of years. And it lives up to expectations – the work appears powerful, bright and deep. It seems – the best one so far in the group's discography.
Domestic price: 133.85UAH, International price: $12.28USD

Arachnophobia. Arachnophobia.

Powerful, sated musical grenade, in which classical, pure rock borders on the Gothic sound – and this is already good. But Valery Vlasenko’s vocals are something really so deep, rare, genuine that one even gets surprised...
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Vombad. Visim hodyn na dobu. (Eights Hours a Day)

Though there are no obvious and faultless ties with Australia and its fauna here, still something marsupial is felt in this music. I cannot explain that. Fortunately, there’s something else. For example, as for sounding, in it gothic notes and moods are mixed with neo-romantic ones.
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Mlyn-2014. All-Ukrainian Music Collection. /digi-pack/. (Mill)

"Mlyn" (Mill) is a mixture of the brightest representatives of the national world music and the only conceptual collection in Ukraine that annually presents the best representatives of the domestic neo-folk. With such a collection, creators of the project aim to promote and disseminate the Ukrainian music heritage, make it interesting and accessible for the modern listener.
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Mlyn. All-Ukrainian Music Collection. /digi-pack/. (Mill)

...However, they thus somehow fit into the concept of "ethno-rock" – but nevertheless the entire picture comes out very colorful. And – it is nice that within the same style one can hear so diverse, unconventional, brilliant music.
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Sashko Polozhynsky. Po-Vilno. /digi-pack/. (S-Law-ly)

Sashko Polozhynsky, as a modest person, did not print his name on the cover of this album – because he did not perform as a singer in this case (except for, it seems, only one song). But – he is the author of the idea, the producer, the sole jury selecting the songs, etc.
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

The Best Ukrainian Ballads. P.3.

See yourself what a wide styles palette is offered by the collection: pop-rock, reggae, art-rock, hip-hop, folk-rock, heavy blues, post-rock... Nevertheless, the disc looks integral – there is a certain inner line that truly unites, links such, seemingly, different approaches to creativity.
Domestic price: 112.05UAH, International price: $10.28USD

"Rok-Sich" Festival.

...the collection was compiled skillfully – the recording house "Kraina Mriy" is experienced in doing that. As a result, it is really interesting to listen to it: familiar pieces alternate with quite fresh ones, known groups – with those that are now only gaining speed. And two basic features unite all of these songs – good quality and inflammatory energy.
Domestic price: 133.85UAH, International price: $12.28USD

Re:evoljutsija. (Re:evolution)

...there are quite a lot of talented musicians in the alternative, indie-direction here. And among those represented in the collection – there are such that no doubt deserve, at least, European recognition. However, you'd better make sure of that yourself.
Domestic price: 151.73UAH, International price: $13.92USD

Ukrainian Modern Lyrical Songs. Masterpieces of Ukrainian Music. /digi-pack/

...we can sincerely congratulate ourselves on release of the extremely nice disc – bright, and deep, and fresh at the same time. Along with the already well-known musicians, you will hear a number of teams for which only a couple of steps are left to loud glory. And we are sure: having listened to the disc, you will wish them to manage these steps as quickly as possible...
Domestic price: 133.85UAH, International price: $12.28USD

Z Novym ROCKom! Jam FM. (Happy ROCK Year!)

We should admit, the collection has appeared to be great – it is not just pleasant and interesting to listen to. It gives multiple occasions to be proud of that Ukrainian rock music, in spite of the frequently scornful attitude on the part of mass media, still not just lives on – but becomes more and more diversified, deep, strange, high-quality.
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Dreamland (Krayina Mriy), Ethno-Festival . Selection. (live). 2CDs.

Actually, the very fact that this collection of festival records has appeared to the light of the day is already quite a good present to all fans of live Ukrainian music. Both for those who saw and heard these performances with their own ears or eyes – and, certainly, for those who have never had a chance during 2004-2006 to visit the festival. But the compilers went a bit farther in the pleasantrie...
Domestic price: 133.85UAH, International price: $12.28USD

Reviews (13)

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1 february 2018
Myroslav Levytsky – "In Piano": Special offer!
12 january 2018
Special offer: Order many – pay as for one!
Tik Tu. Shuma. /digi-pack/.
sunny indie
Domestic: 133.85UAH
International: $12.28USD
Panivalkova. Dontvori. /premium, eco-pack/. (Don't Worry)
sentimental and ironic
Domestic: 140.83UAH
International: $12.92USD
Odyn v kanoe. Odyn v kanoe. (2CD). /digi-pack/.
acoustic elegy, indi-folk
Domestic: 253.75UAH
International: $23.28USD
Zapaska. Pomalu. /eco-pack/.
by-and-by in large step
Domestic: 140.83UAH
International: $12.92USD