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Mad Heads. Psycholula.

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Mad Heads. Psycholula.

Now, when almost 10 years have passed since the time this group was organised, they also perform songs in Ukrainian. It is good, still it is not so much important, because the main appeal lies not in lyrics, but in music. This appeal, I must admit, is rather amusing. Now I would like to touch upon history a bit. May be, nobody of those who is interested in counter-culture and rock-music has ever avoided such phenomenon as rockabilly. In due time it was exactly stalwarts of rockabilly who did those things, which were later energetically taken up by punks and their successors. "To live quickly, to die young", as Jetro Tull, if I am not mistaken, sang in one of their old songs. In other words, this is a hot music and in a Ukrainian version, I think, it has not become chilled, though it seems that it has got some Ukrainian intonations. One more small remark. Here in front of you there is a reissue of the album issued in 1966, that’s why I must say that for Ukraine this group and this album present a real classical music. Even today there are not so many groups, which are interested in real rockabilly, and the group Mad Heads is undoubtedly the best known among them. If I were an American, I could say how much genuine they are, but since I am not an American, I just listen – and smile.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

The publication contains a 8-page booklet with lyrics.

Publisher: Comp music
Catalogue number: 578875 0

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Mad Heads

Domestic price: 200.20UAH
International price: $14.30USD
1. Mp3Never Die
2.  Evil People
3. Mp3N. D. E.
4.  The Nails
5. Mp3Cheap Chick Baby
6. Mp3I Wait
7.  Rockin Brain
8.  Ghost
9.  Timid Guy
10.  Through The Night
11.  Mad Heads Boogie
12.  Twanging, Beating & Shouts
13.  Elephants Run
14.  Welcome
15.  Ghost
 Total playing time: 49:04

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Reviews (8)

  , moscow, russia
12-05-2008 09:26

что тут скажешь, mad heads изначально делали качественное psychobilly с элементами чернобыльской токсикации...
это надо слышать!!!

  , Toronto, Canada
01-09-2006 05:19

The Mad heads are a great band. All the albums are amazing in their own right. Its too bad that their real Psychobilly stuff is in English, it would be nice to hear it in Ukrainian. Pretty much all the Ukrainian music is the new "XL" Ska-influenced stuff (which is perfectly fine as well!). Psychobilly is a difficult genre to pull off and they do it very well. Hopefully one day we'll be able to see these guys play in Canada!

  Psycho_Ula , Poland
12-05-2006 13:19

Fantastic Music

21-03-2006 14:51


  Володимир , Київ, Україна
29-12-2005 08:23

Дуже цікавий альбом. Цілком в стилі Мед Хедз :-)
Нові альбоми мають більш ліричний характер та більше українських пісень. Але рокабільно-психобільний період їх творчості для багатьох і є голосом Мед Хедз.
От тільки б ще достати альбом "Naked flames".

  Roman , N.Novgorod, Russia
29-04-2005 15:56

Отличный альбом, наконец -то переизданный , теперь его нетрудно найти по сравнению с первоизданием...

  , Kyiv, Ukraine
19-04-2005 09:38

Tsej albom bulo vpershe vydano v 1996 (!) roci v Nimetchyni (!).

  Boris , Toronto, Canada
19-04-2005 08:35

Chomu nemaje zhodnoji pisni ukr. movoju?!!
MAD HEADS vzhe vypustyly bahato ukrajinomovnyx pisen', ale ne v c'omu al'bomi!!!