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Okean Elzy. Mira. /re-edition, digi-pack/. (Measure)

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Okean Elzy. Mira. /re-edition, digi-pack/. (Measure)

After release of the "Gloria" album, it seemed, maybe, that Okean Elzy would not be able to surpass itself – at least, in the nearest future. But, at the same time, it would have been good if it could. Possibly, OE longed for that too – because they have succeeded. They have succeeded in doing even more – once again creating something that does not resemble previous works. However, it is easier to feel the differences than to describe. It is just real, powerful rock – that very that knows well already what it is capable of and thus it does not need masquerades. It does not boast of its force and mastery, but works quietly, inspired – strong trees grow so, so a mason does not do any superfluous movements, truth ripens in one's heart so. It is just so that joy comes – when you know your freedom's face and do not turn your eyes away, do not fight a deathly fight, but simply advance. Okean Elzy advances – and freedom sounds in its music. There is no pursuit for the sake of acknowledgement – and there is no temptation of observing style limitations, but there is the ability to make it maximally as exact as you consider necessary. Sheer rock music grows from this root, creativity not for the sake of freedom, but as its direct result. I listen to these songs – and I understand that Okean Elzy has finally grown up from everything that it used to be. Right now – it has happened. As to me, accounting of new time begins for it – it is a qualitatively different level, joyful, brave labor. And its measure is in the fire of every heart.

Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Nikitin MDC
Catalogue number: umgcd14-209
Year: 2015

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Okean Elzy

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1. Mp3Mira
2.  Den‘ u den‘
3.  Khochu napytys‘ toboju
4. Mp3Ptashka
5.  Zeleni ochi
6. Mp3Koly tobi vazhko
7.  Jak dovho
8.  Ne mozhu bez tebe
9. Mp3Leleky
10. Mp3Nochi i dni
11. Mp3Vse bude dobre
12.  Moja mala
 Total playing time: 40:57

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