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Oleh Suharjev. Poklyk. (Call)

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Oleh Suharjev. Poklyk. (Call)
If you have already heard this voice before, you will hardly mix it with that of anybody else – Oleg Suharev has an interesting manner of performance. But now it is not about the manner. Practically simultaneously with this disc the debut album of the group Sami Svoi was released (and Oleg Suharev is the leader of it) – "Emeralds". And if "Emeralds" is sharp folk-rock, in which not a single extra instrument is extra, "Call" is acoustic rock. Maximally simple, clear concept – the acoustic guitar plus singing. And it means that lyrics come to the first plan – and, believe me, they are worth being listened to attentively, and not once. Actually, it is exactly the inward joy of the lyrics that allows defining this art as rock and not, say, bard singing. This even somehow reminds old times – apartment concerts, a narrow circle of attentive listeners, your soul at the distance of one breathing... However, you will hear a studio recording – that is why everything is ok here with quality. Which, in its turn, makes it possible to feel songs by of Oleg Suharev immediately, directly – and it is quite obvious that he knows his business well. Such important sincerity, acuteness sound in the songs – otherwise the chosen record format would be a failure. But – everything is good, earnest, convincing. In the end, if a rock musician is capable of withstanding the audience face to face – it means that his songs are real indeed, not empty...

Publisher: SAME TAK!
Year: 2007

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Oleh Suharjev

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1. Mp3Buty soboju
2.  Poklyk
3.  De moja Zemlja?
4. Mp3Istyna
5.  Prytcha
6.  Pisnja pro Pisnju
7.  "Jihav, jihav kozak mistom..."
8. Mp3Rozmova z synom
9.  Vidchuttja nemynuchoho
10.  Den' i Nich
11. Mp3Znovu budemo
12.  Pustoty
13.  Krajem
14.  Posvjata
15.  Na Hoverli
16. Mp3Zabuti stepy
17.  Karpats'ka balada
 Total playing time: 45:32

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