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Skryabin. Natura. (re-edition). /digi-pack/. (Nature)

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Skryabin. Natura. (re-edition). /digi-pack/. (Nature)
We offer to your attention the collection second edition of the first albums by the Skryabin group – the collection includes 10 albums from 1995-2003. Pay attention: the original design of all covers is preserved! So...
X. "Natura".
It is nice that Skryabin constantly improves its sound, makes it more refined and, so to say, live. This album, in contrast to, say, "Fall-Seeded People" presented earlier is not that aggressive. In general, Skryabin is not aggression. Rather the already unbridled tenderness, or, maybe, even chaste sensuality. In any case, "Natura" is modern lyric, with fine music arrangements and general harmoniousness of the album as a whole. Some personal, intimate things are represented here a bit unusually, very simply – but, surprisingly, intimacy is not lost, and even vice versa. It is just due to simplicity and sincerity – that beauty appears. Not the one you dream about (and it means – that you do not see it) – but the one with which you live. Every day. By the way, it would be interesting to draw parallels between "Natura" by Skryabin and "SuperSymmetry" by Okean Elzy (they were released almost simultaneously) – it seems that in the both cases we have original search for the "golden section". Or is that their age?
But such comparison is already the own business of every interested listener. In any case, as to me, "Natura" is a good album, tender and passionate at the same time. Just the same as today's sky at almost four o’clock in the morning.
Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Moon records
Catalogue number: MR 4804-2
Year: 2010

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International price: $17.90USD
1. Mp3Movchaty (feat. (Iryna Bilyk)
2.  Chervoni kolhotky
3. Mp3Vidstan‘
4. Mp3Spy sobi sama (feat. Nichlava)
5.  Davay z toboju zaymatysja ljubov'ju (svetryk)
6.  Ja skhovaju tebe (Ljubov) (feat. (Molotov 20)
7. Mp3VodaVohon‘
8.  Divchyna Konchita
9.  Nash ostanniy tanets‘
10.  Vdoma odna
11.  Prosto MY
 Total playing time: 41:20

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