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Bervin Bervinkovyj. Ukrainian ethnic music.

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Bervin Bervinkovyj. Ukrainian ethnic music.

The village, from which these songs came to us, is so small that it can be found not at every map. Still, while listening to these songs being performed, you understand that it is not so much a drawback as an advantage. After all, the thing is that all inhabitants of this village are not only relatives, but also descendants of the same Great-great-grandfather who had many children. A big family. And as you know, a real family, even if it is small, is a great force. May be, this is the very reason why, when listening, you feel as if you were not exactly a listener. It looks as if you came to stay for some days, and the family turned out to be so sincere and so hospitable, that the hosts did not just receive and greet you as a guest, but also started to sing a song, moreover, not singly, but all together. So, you feel so warm, that you are reluctant to leave. This village, by the way, is located along a road, between small towns. Still, this road has not washed the “salt of the earth” out of this village. On the contrary, all husk and vain stuff came to them and then left. Only genuine things remained. In any case, it undoubtedly concerns both the songs themselves and the sincerity with which they are performed. Unvarnished – just beautifully.

Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog)

"Ukrainian Ethnic Music" series came out of many ethnographical expeditions to different region of Ukraine. Compact discs have stylish design. In the colourful booklets you will find information about the places where recordings were made, stories about performers, lyrics of the songs etc. Information is given in Ukrainian and English.

Publisher: Atlantic
Year: 2004

Domestic price: 278.60UAH
International price: $19.90USD
1. Mp3Good evening (Dobryj vam vechir (malanka, or New Year's Eve song))
2.  Our drake swims down the river (Oj, plyve kachur (malanka, or New Year's Eve song))
3.  Oh, sweet Basil, sweet Basil (Oj, chynchyku Vasyl'chyku (malanka, or New Year's Eve song))
4. Mp3An orchard stands behind our master's house (V nashoho hazdy sad nazad haty (koliadka, or winter song))
5.  Oh, near the Danube (Oj, na Dunaju (koliadka, or winter song))
6.  Are you asleep, or do you hear dear master? (Chy spysh, chy chujesh (koliadka, or winter song))
7.  Oh, the little beetle walks on his path (Oj, hodyt' zhuk po chuzhyni (haivka, or spring dance song))
8. Mp3The quail's husband is coming (Perepelon'chyn cholovik ide (haivka, or spring dance song))
9.  Who heard who saw my wife at the bazaar? (Hto chuvav, hto vydav moju zhonu na torzi (haivka, or spring dance song))
10.  Young men were walking on the green grass (Po travychci zelenen'kij (haivka, or spring dance song))
11. Mp3Why aren't you dancing in the grove, my dear Halya? (Chomu haju ne huljaesh (haivka, or spring dance song))
12.  Oh, the cranes were flying by (Oj, letily zhuravli (haivka, or spring dance song))
13.  We did not cut the green evergreens (Ne zhaly bervin – bervinkoviji (ladkanka, or wedding incantation))
14.  Behind the gates water rushes (Poza vorota bystraja richka (ladkanka, or wedding incantation))
15.  The mother-in-law loved her son-in-law (Tescha zjatja ljubyla (ladkanka, or wedding incantation))
16.  Oh, dear bridesmaids (Oj, syvashky – ljubky (ladkanka, or wedding incantation))
17.  Oh, the sun rises (Oj, shodyt' sonce (ladkanka, or wedding incantation))
18.  Oh bride, pour more (Dosyp moloda (ladkanka, or wedding incantation))
19.  Hey, mother was bidding her son farewell (Hej, maty syna vyrjadzhala (ladkanka, or wedding incantation))
20.  Fire burns on the mountain (Oj, na hori vohon' horyt' (ladkanka, or wedding incantation))
21.  Oh, on the pond on the pond (Oj, na stavku, na stavku (ladkanka, or wedding incantation))
22.  Oh, the calling bird (Kuvala zozulen'ka (ladkanka, or wedding incantation))
23.  Oh, in my mother's new garden (Oj, u moji mamky (wedding song))
24.  Oh, young bride you will cry (Oj, zaplachesh moloden'ka (wedding rhyming song))
25.  Two berries on the red berry tree (Na kladynochci dvi jahidochci (ladkanka, or wedding song))
26.  Shine, bright moon, shine (Svity posvity jasnyj misjacju (ladkanka, or wedding song))
27.  Sister came to visit her brother (Pryjshla sestra ta j do brata (folk song))
28.  I stole a horse harness (Vkrav ja s konja obruchjen'ku (folk song))
29.  Shine moon, shine (Posvity misjacju (folk song))
30.  When I set out (Ta ja budu mandruvaty (folk song))
31.  Oh, dear musician (Oj, muzyko – muzychen'ko (folk song))
32.  Oh, the poor dear widow grew sad (Zazhurylasja bidna udivon'ko (folk song))
33.  Oh, she shucked corn (Oj, lupyla kukurudzy (folk song))
 Total playing time: 62:51

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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