24 august 2019

Congratulations on the INDEPENDENCE DAY!

We live in curious times.

It is not that it is our merit at all – life is always about curiosity. All times are times of change.

Sure, one is tempted to say that by its 28th birthday Ukraine has stepped into its midlife crisis with its both feet – but it is too early for that, even by human standards. Instead, the coming-of-age crisis is ongoing – the attempts to play the role of an enfant terrible are somewhat entertaining and disturbing, but it is like fever after vaccination. Right, there is the risk of severe consequences, even fatal. No, there was no chance to do without that.

Growing up does not happen to everyone. We have a chance. The right to try. And even the right to try and screw up, too.

In any case, we will be accountable for the consequences – we and all those who depend on us. We will bear the responsibility decently, gracefully, miserably, painfully, creatively – as it turns out – but it will happen anyway.

Accountability does not ban dreams.

It's just about the realization that dreams don't come true by themselves: even if you want your lottery ticket to win, you have to buy it first. Well, if it is not about a chance, but about some comprehensible plans, then all the more – one needs to invest their time and effort, both externally and internally. "Chiseling that rock" – there is no alternative to that, although there is a great deal of variations, because the world is fairly wide..

Accountability does not mean turning into a workhorse.

It means that you will live with the choice you’ve made – regardless of whether you make it consciously. Therefore, it is desirable, of course, to make an effort and be conscious.

But that requires surviving the fever and growing up.

There is a chance. And the right to try. And even the right to try and screw up.

And all of this is not what is going to happen to someone sometime.

All of this is what is happening in our lifetime.

To us.


Let's respect ourselves.

Glory to Ukraine!