27 december 2013

Lama: FOR EVER (cd+dvd) - for FREE!!

Enjoy and share, please )
We announce the special offer "New album from LAMA – For Free!" During the action, you will have the opportunity to receive as a present the new album by Lama – "Nazavzhdy..." (For Ever) /CD+DVD/!!

For this purpose, you need to order no less than five of any of our items (discs or books) – and then you will be able to receive the new work by Lama free, AS A PRESENT!

Attention!!! In order to receive the free disc, you need to write in the comment to your order: Nazavzhdy – as a present. That's it. But without it – the disc will not reach you. The album "Nazavzhdy" (CD+DVD) in this case should not be included into the order – only if you want to receive more than one copy.

In a similar way, you can obtain "13 Months" album by ILLaria and other items from "For FREE!" section as a present: http://umka.com/eng/catalogue/for-free/