26 march 2011

"Nazavzhdy" by TELNYUK SISTERS – CD as a present!

We announce the action "New single from Telnyuk Sisters – For Free!"
During the action, you will have the opportunity to receive as a present the CD "Nazavzhdy. Bohdan-Ihor Antonych"!!
For this purpose, you need to order no less than 2 of any of our other paid items (discs or books) – and then you will be able to receive this CD by Telnyuk Sisters free, AS a PRESENT!

Attention!!! In order to receive the free disc, you need to write in the comment to your order: Nazavzhdy – as a present. The disk in this case should not be included into the order – only if you want to receive more than one copy (it should be mentioned in the comment too).

Do not delay! The most interesting things are always bought up fast!

In a similar way, you can right now obtain other items from "For FREE!" section as a present: http://umka.com/eng/catalogue/for-free/