Eduard Drach

Music styles : modern ballade & romance, traditional folk-music, folk-rock, folk-jazz, folk avant-garde etc.

Music instruments : guitar (6, 7, 12 str. ), violin, keyboards, bass, mandolin, banjo, kobza, traditional bandura, housli, wheel lyre (hardy-gardy).

1. Festival awards

1983 - Diploma of All soviet jazz-festival “Jazz on Dneper-river ” (in a staff of Ranok group, Dnipropetrovs'k)
1987 - Festival of Author's Song of Ukraine and Moldavia , Kharkiv
1988 - Ukrainian Republican Festival of Author's Song in Kiev (?-st award).

Winner of Ukrainian Republican TV-Radio festival "New Names"
1989 - All Ukrainian Festival Chervona Ruta, Chernivtsi (?-st Winning Award among bards)
1991 - All Ukrainian Festival of Author's Song "Oberih", winner of The First Winning Award
1992 - Winner of International Festival of Author's Song "Bili Vitryla"

2004 - Lissberg 31-th "Drehleier und Dudelsack" festival, - kurses of ukrainian kobzar and hurdy-gurdy tradition.

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Eduard Drach. Nebo Ukrajiny.

Edward Drach appeals to the Kyivska Rus history either in strict historical or at a poetic foreshortening at least in this album. Actually, that is what he us a poet for. More precisely - the bard.
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Tanya Sha, MuzBat. Kolyskova vid Tata. /song book+CD/. (Dad's Lullaby)

(this edition is an exclusive thing, and you cannot buy it. But you can get it as a present). – It just so happens that it is women who usually sing lullabies. We decided to advance the tradition and create an album of lullabies sung by men.. – Tanya Sha
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