The Moglass

The group under the Moglass came into being in 1997, preceded by five years of home projects that were never released in public. The Moglass widely used the latest technical achievements of the time such as sampling and postproduction of all kinds, hereat gaining a reputation as post-rock musicians and performing at fashionable discos on repeated occasions. Spellbound with the aesthetics of freeform music, the musicians of the group gradually turned away from glossy sound of their early records and began to decline invitations to fancy discos thus gaining freedom of creating music at home and communicating with a bunch of soulmates scattered all over the world. Up-to-date records of the Moglass are spontaneous improvisations, mostly live records, that by no means always can be called free-noise because sometimes they are very gentle and melodic.
the Moglass are:
Yuri Kulishenko(aka Paul Kust) - electric guitar /acoustic guitar /bass guitar /computers /synth /voice /treatments /field recordings /mixing /editing Oleg Kovalchuk(aka ok01) - synths /field recordings /electric guitar /treatments
Vladimir Bovtenko - alto saxophone
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The Moglass, Vanessa Arn, Tom Carter. Snake-tongued Swallow-tailed...

And due to active use of live instruments, this music is called post-rock. And due to how exactly and in what combinations they are used – it is named ambient and psycho-folk. It is a live, warm matter, and it bears a long, tangible, contemplative feeling – of coziness, growth, flow...
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The Moglass. Sparrow Juice. /digi-pack/

Moglass skillfully discovers and grants strange, but classic combinations – sound combination, thought combinations, space combinations, simple and well-aimed. Semi-acoustic long-distance train...
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The Moglass, Andrey Kiritchenko, Anla Courtis. Courtis/Kiritchenko/Moglass.

The one who accumulated spaces for one track plays the guitar for another track, and from the others' sounding creates something third in the fourth track – they switch places, roles, world... There arises a strange feeling – you seem to see familiar things, but in unfamiliar combinations, at unexpected angles.
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Andrey Kiritchenko. Bees & Honey.

..the spaces of, in particular, Andrey Kiritchenko – regardless of what exact mixtures he prepares this or another time – are always an invitation to a very intimate, that is friendly, calm-and-attentive dialog. Exactly a dialog – the audience's attention creates this music together with the musician, that's why each time this music may be substantially different. And – must be different.
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