Жан-Пьер Фрьоли

Born in Freiburg in the Black Forest Area in a Franco-German Family with Swiss roots, German Jazz Guitarist (and Vocalist) Jean-Pierre "JP" Froehly started to earn a first recognition as a senior member of "jAAzz", the Jazz Band of the German Foreign Office uniting German Government Officials and musicians of the Berlin Jazz Scene. During his time in Ukraine, he realised his own projects and quickly became a constant participant of the country's numerous jazz festivals - especially with his trio including Pianist Alexey Bogolyubov and Flutist Vladimir Zinkovsky with which he recorded one of his three albums ("Trio in Chernivtsi"). Inspired by the outstanding work of the late Hungarian-American Guitarist Attila Zoller and by a sound popular in the German Jazz Scene in the 60's (such as promoted also by the legendary German record label MPS), JP wants to make his own personal contribution to music. His most recent recording project, destinated to an international audience, "Four in Berlin", was realised in April 2009 with Don Friedman (p), Wolfgang Lackerschmid (vibes) and Hendrik Meurkens (harp).
information, photo from: http://www.myspace.com/jeanpierrefroehly


Жан-Пьер Фрьоли. Away from the crowd. The music of Attila Zoller.

Музыку Золлера, вероятно, Вы знаете и сами. "Изюминкой" же этого альбома стало то, что основной акцент пришелся, как ни странно, не совсем на гитару: она вместе с ударными и контрабасом создает основную канву, а тот же контрабас вместе с флейтой и, время от времени, фортепиано – добавляют звучанию более ярких и глубоких красок, причем не только в соло..
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